Business Case

  • Intelligent E-house In Southeast Asia

    · Intelligent E-house In Southeast Asia

    In order to solve this problem, Four-Faith Smart Power provides Malay customers with a smart substation management solution to solve the above problems of customers.

  • Gateway in The Middle East

    · Gateway in The Middle East

    The Middle East Power Market is Developing Rapidly and distribution automation is also deploying rapidly, communication system, as links, faces many challenges, such as malicious network attack and unstable data transmission, which seriously affect the remote management of power distribution construction.

  • Cable Line FPI in Western South America

    · Cable Line FPI in Western South America

    In Western South America, has privatized the electric power industry. As an independent enterprise, the price of electricity is positive correlation to the quality of service, and the most manifestation of service quality is reliability of power supply.

  • Overhead line FPI in Southwest South America

    · Overhead line FPI in Southwest South America

    In Southwest South America, is dominated by thermal power generation. Due to its import dependency of fuel, the electricity price is relatively high.Under normal conditions, higher electricity price needs better service feedback to customers, however, an extended power outage encumbers customers' high quality experience, especially for some key customers, such as hospitals and factories.


News & Events

Invitation Letter | From July 18th to 21st, Four-Faith Invites You to Gather at the 2023 FIEE

On July 18th, 2023, 31th International Trade Fair for Electric, Electronic, Energy, Automation and Connectivity will kick off in Sao Paulo!At the exhibition, Four-Faith will bring We bring the latest technology and representative achievements in the field of electricity to the conference site.

  • Declaration on Sole Distributor of Indonesia Market

    Declaration on Sole Distributor of Indonesia Market

    To whom it may concerned, We, Xiamen Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co., Ltd. who is the manufacturer of fault indicator. Due to current situation in Indonesia market for fault indicator, we hereby declare that our sole distributor in Indonesia is PT.

  • Distribution Automation

    Distribution Automation

    Distribution automation is the process by which the collection of data is automated and analyzed, including sensors, information and communication networks, and switches, through which a utility can collect, automate, analyze, and optimize data to improve the operational efficiency of its distribution power system.

  • Invitation Letter of African Utility Week

    Invitation Letter of African Utility Week

    The largest and most professional power energy event in Africa - the 2023 Africa Power Energy, Smart Grid, and Meter Exhibition will kick off in Cape Town! The exhibition will cover the entire industrial chain of the power industry, bringing together 380+ exhibitors from all over the world.