Communication Unit JYL-FF-HX

  • Communication Unit JYL-FF-HX
  • Communication Unit JYL-FF-HX
  • Communication Unit JYL-FF-HX
  • Communication Unit JYL-FF-HX
  • Communication Unit JYL-FF-HX


    In order to solve the power supply problem of the indicator data control unit (DCU), Four-Faith Smart Power uses special sensor technology and AI algorithm to realize the online power supply of the control unit. Compared with the traditional indicator, a separate control box and solar panel are not required , not only reduces the size and weight of the device, but also supports online hot rod installation, which greatly reduces the difficulty of installation for users.


    Control unit Features:


    1. Hot stick installation, simple and quick
    2. Online induction to take power, keep never disconnected
    3. AI algorithm to realize rapid detection of faults and status
    4. Possess the ability of system self-test and self-recovery and the function of data transmission in extreme cases.

    Feature and Benefit

    • Control Unit

      Integrated molding design


      Protection class

      Epoxy casting, fully sealed structure suitable for outdoor use in harsh environments

    • Control Unit

      Dual Power Design

      No solar power required

      High-precision electronic sensors ensure that the device can sense the power in real time, and cooperate with the backup battery to achieve long-term maintenance-free

    • Control Unit

      Real Time Clock Synchronization


      The real-time timing accuracy of the system is less than 24h/2S
      The system provides accurate timing, improves the system automation capability, ensures timely detection of faults, and instantly notifies and restores the fault site

    • Control Unit

      Data summary


      Monitor the real-time status of the line
      Real-time monitoring of line load changes and fault status, while sending to SCADA to ensure data synchronization

    Technical Parameter

    Parameter  Value
    Power supply
    Main power  Online induction power
    Backup power Lithium battery: Lithium iron phosphate battery 1AH/3.2V
    Start current  3A
    Remote  GPRS/3G/4G
    Local communication 433MHz
    Local communication distance Up to 70m
    Communication protocol IEC101/IEC104
    Sim card  1 SIM card
    Number of connected FPIs Standard 3, up to 9 FCI
    Physical characteristics
    Dimensions  245X140X170mm
    Weight  ≤3Kg
    Protection class  IP67
    Operating temperature  -40℃~70℃
    Configuration interface  TTL
    Visual fault indication  Remote state
    Install  Conductor mount
    Life time  >8 years


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