Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FIS

  • Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FIS
  • Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FIS
  • Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FIS
  • Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FIS
  • Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FIS
  • Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FIS


    Underground cable Fault indicator DYO-FF-FIS is a Four-Faith underground cable fault indicator family used in environments with higher precision requirements. The sensor based on the Rogowski coil has better sensitivity and supports the detection of short-circuit ground faults. Underground cable fault indicator has self-test and self-recovery functions. Underground cable fault indicator is suitable for 5-38KV power distribution ring network lines. Installed in substation cable outlets, RMU reduces fault location time and provides safety for public utility workers.

    Feature and Benefit

    • Underground Cable Fault Indicator

      Easy to install and use

      The display panel adopts wall-mounted installation, which is simple and fast, and the sensor adopts threaded interface to quickly lock the cable

    • Underground Cable Fault Indicator

      Reduce fault-finding time

      Remote access to SCADA
      Minimize the fault finding time, without opening the high-voltage cabinet, reducing personnel investigation

    • Underground Cable Fault Indicator

      Various reset methods

      Manual, time, automatic, remote Custom time reset, 12h, 24h to ensure enough time to find faults

    • Underground Cable Fault Indicator

      Superior precision design

      Based on Rogowski coil sensor, the accuracy can reach ±5%> When 100A, the protection level meets IP65

    Technical Parameter

    Parameter value
    Voltage class of cable power distribution lines 5-38KV
    Short-circuit Trip Current (Phase to Phase) 200A/600A/800A/1000A,default 200A (±5%) adjustable by DIP switch
    Short-circuit  Response Delay Time 40ms/80 ms /100 ms /200ms,default 40ms,adjustable by DIP switch
    Earth-fault  Trip  Current (Phase to Ground) 40A/80A/120A/160A,default 40A (±5%) adjustable by DIP switch
    Earth-fault  Response  Delay Time 40ms/80 ms /100ms /200ms, default 40ms,adjustable by DIP switch
    Fault  Indication Earth-fault: 1 Red  LED
    Short-circuit: 3 Red  LED
    Low Battery alarm: 1 Yellow LED
    Reset of the Indicator 1. Manual  by  push  button
    2. Timing Reset
    3. DI reset from SCADA
    4. Load current recovering reset (at least 10A)
    5. 220~240VAC recovering reset
    6. Communications by MODBUS
    Power Supply Lithium battery type AA 3.6V / 2.7Ah
     5~36VDC external power supply
    Communication RS485: Data bits 8/Stop bits 1/Parity none/Baud Rate:9600
    Protocol: MODBUS RTU
    Installation Display unit: wall-mounted installation
    Dimensions Indication unit (W x H x D) 
    100mm x 120mm x 45mm (exclusive cable gland)
    Protection Class Display unit: IP54
    Sensors: IP68
    Internal Type Test According to IEEE495-2007
    Operation Temperature Range -40℃~+70℃
    Short-circuit Sensor 3 short-circuit sensor cable length 2*m(Rogowski Coil Sensors)
    Diameter: 80mm
    Earth-fault Sensor 1 earth-fault sensor cable length 2*m(Rogowski Coil) SensorDiameter: 110mm
    Configuration Setting via DIP switch

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