Flag Fault indicator JYZ-FF

Flag Fault indicator JYZ-FF

Flag Fault indicator JYZ-FF


JYZ-FF Flag fault indicator is an electronic fault detection device specially designed for medium voltage power distribution overhead lines. They are suitable for overhead power distribution lines <110KV. The JYZ-FF Flag fault indicator has a load self-adaptive function, which can adjust the fault tripping threshold according to the load change on site. Cooperating with the remote control unit DCU, Flag Fault indicator can realize remote and fast acquisition of fault information. The unique mechanical signs can be quickly identified even 100m away during the day, and the bright LED lights at night have a 360° viewing angle, which can quickly locate the fault point 500m away.

Feature and Benefit

  • Online monitoring of network status

    Real time sampling
    The Flag Fault indicator JYZ-FF uses a special current sensor to sample and detect the overhead network in real time, which is beneficial to the detection of ground faults and the distinction

  • Remote Configuration, Remote Management

    Anytime, Anywhere
    The combination of Flag Fault indicator JYZ and Four-Faith positioning platform (SCADA) supports remote configuration parameters and firmware upgrades, frees from on-site maintenance, and greatly reduces maintenance time and costs

  • Brightly colored mechanical indicator plates and LEDs

    Whether it is day or night, eye-catching mechanical signs and LEDs can make quick search possible, no need to worry about on-site fault inspection

  • Various fault detection

    Fault Type Identification
    JYZ-FF fault indicator, based on years of field engineering experience, adopts a unique algorithm, which can detect ground faults, short circuit faults, and instantaneous faults in any overhead network line

Technical Parameter

Parameter Value
Overhead line voltage class 5-38KV
Network frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Short-circuit Trip Current (Phase to Phase) 50~1200A adjustable, 1A step, 150A default
Earth-fault Voltage Drop (Phase To Ground) Adjustable: 1% step, 30% default
Earth-fault Response Delay Adjustable: 1 second step, 30s default
Visual indication Red mechanical flag
Indication Unit Reset 1. manual by magnet.
2. remote reset through SCADA system
3. time reset: adjustable, 1 second step, 24h default, max. 48h
4. Auto delay reset after repower, 1 second step, 30s default max 5min, only for permanent fault
Protection Class IP68
Internal Type Test According to IEEE495-2007
Operation Temperature Range -40~+70℃
Power Supply Lithium battery type AA 3.6V / 2.7Ah, replaceable
Battery Life 10 years
Accuracy 0A~300A ±3A
300A~800A ±1%
Cable Diameter Ranges 6mm~42mm
Blinking Frequency 10 per minute, adjustable
Current withstand 31.5KA/4s
Communication 433MHz from indicators to DCU

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