Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FI

Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FI

Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FI


Underground Fault indicator DYO-FF-FI cable fault indicator, support detection of short circuit fault ground fault, display fault status through panel LED fault light, with detachable stainless steel bracket sensor, can be flexibly fixed on the cable with shielding protective layer, a control panel unit With 3 short-circuit sensors and 1 ground sensor connected by copper core cable

Feature and Benefit

  • Stability & Reliability

    Static power consumption

    High-performance industrial 32-bit CPU, support low power consumption mode

  • Flexible parameter setting method

    DIP setting
    Support DIP switch and remote setting parameters

  • Status indication via integrated LED lights

    Bright LED prompt
    When a phase-to-phase short circuit or a ground (phase-to-ground) fault occurs, the corresponding red LED light will give a flashing alarm indication

  • Quick installation

    The control panel is installed on the panel of the switchgear / wall-mounted installation Protection class IP54
    The sensor is mounted on a shielded cable, protection class IP69

Technical Parameter

Parameter  value
Voltage class of cable power
distribution lines
Short-circuit Trip Current
(Phase to Phase)
150A/360A/450A/625A,default 150A,adjustable by DIP switch
Short-circuit Response
Delay Time
50ms/100ms /150ms /200ms,default 50ms,adjustable by DIP switch
Earth-fault Trip Current
(Phase to Ground)
40A/80A/120A/160A,default 40A,adjustable by DIP switch
Earth-fault Response Delay Time 50ms/100ms /150ms /200ms, default 50ms,adjustable by DIP switch
Fault Indication Earth-fault: 1 Red LED
Short-circuit: 3 Red LED
Low Battery alarm: 1 Yellow LED
Reset of the Indicator 1. Manual by push button
2. Timing Reset
3. DI reset from SCADA
4. Load current recovering reset (at least 15A)
5. 220~240VAC recovering reset
6. Communications by MODBUS
Power Supply Lithium battery type AA 3.6V / 2.7Ah
Optional 5~36VDC external power supply
Communication RS485: Data bits 8/Stop bits 1/Parity
none/Baud Rate:9600
Protocol: MODBUS RTU
Installation Display unit: wall-mounted installation
Dimensions Indication unit (W x H x D)
100mm x 120mm x 45mm (exclusive cable gland)
Protection Class  Display unit: IP54
  Sensors: IP68
Internal Type Test According to IEEE495-2007
Operation Temperature Range  -40℃~+70℃
Short-circuit Sensor 3 short-circuit sensor for 3 phase cable
Diameter: Max.40mm
Earth-fault Sensor 1 earth-fault sensor for a three-core cable
Diameter: Max.110mm
Configuration Setting via DIP switch

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