Four-Faith Fault Location System

  • Four-Faith Fault Location System
  • Four-Faith Fault Location System


    Four-Faith fault location system is suitable for miniature SCADA of power distribution automation overhead lines, used for real-time monitoring of power line operation status and fault point detection and location. Fault location system is a distributed monitoring, centralized management, and instant notification system with remote transmission capabilities.

    Four-Faith fault location system. Under non-fault conditions, real-time monitoring of power grid load changes can prevent line faults; when short-circuit or ground fault occurs in the power line, the fault location will be displayed in time to guide the operation and maintenance personnel to quickly eliminate faults and restore power supply, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power line Provide guarantee and intelligent decision-making basis

    System Features:

    1. Geographic positioning of GIS fault points
    2. Power topology single-line diagram automatic networking
    3. Various fault alarm methods, SMS /Email
    4. Quick integration to other SCADA systems

    Feature and Benefit

    • Fault Location System

      Map location

      GIS system automatic positioning
      Map positioning is mainly to locate and display the position of the fault indicator on the online map. If there is an alarm corresponding to the fault indicator, the red mark will flash, and the longitude and latitude information of the fault indicator can be filled in manually or selected on the map.

    • Fault Location System

      Graphical display

      Custom Electrical One-line Diagrams
      Display lines and fault indicators in a graphical way, and can add, edit, delete and other related operations on fault indicators and lines. For faulty lines, the corresponding fault indicators need to flash.

    • Fault Location System

      Modular software design

      Friendly Web Interface
      Browser-based web application, and data collection and processing, for modular management of historical data of fault indicators, device management, etc.

    • Fault Location System

      Faster data processing

      Automated Analysis of Data

      Data chart analysis function, the system automatically generates dynamic analysis of the historical data of the specified equipment, which greatly meets the needs of users, reduces tedious manual maintenance, and improves the work efficiency of users.

    Technical Parameter

    Parameter  Value
    System composition  
    Data server  Data server scheme based on windows
    Web server  Web browser based solution
    GIS location GIS automatic positioning, FCI position information
    Power topology design, fault point reflection
    Alarm SMS editing, SMS user editing
    Device management DCU management, IP address, signal strength, online status
    FCI group management, control, upgrade parameter configuration
    FCI real-time telemetry and telematics data
    Alarm event  Alarm event processing
    Data monitor Telemetry data management, FCI current, electric field
    TeleInfo data management, FCI fault status, fault phase
    Line Status Data Analysis
    Waveform record Waveform data recall
    Waveform file view
    Statistical Analysis SMS status statistics, SMS receiving status
    System Management User management, administrators, engineers, operation and maintenance personnel
    Role authorization management
    system operation log
    System Requirements
    Server CPU:Xeon E3/E5 2.3GHz,Dual core or above,Memory:8G or above,Hard disk:500Gor above,Network:5M Or above bandwidth
    Operating system  Windows/Linux
    Protocol  IEC101/IEC104

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