Wave Fault indicator JYL-FF

  • Wave Fault indicator JYL-FF
  • Wave Fault indicator JYL-FF
  • Wave Fault indicator JYL-FF
  • Wave Fault indicator JYL-FF


    In the overhead network, for small current faults and ground faults, it often makes fault detection difficult. Wave Fault indicator JYL-FF is a high-precision and multi-functional fault indicator designed by Four-Faith Power for customer sites , Wave Fault indicator can realize high-speed wave recording of the ground electric field, trigger and capture the instantaneous current of small current ground faults, and the transient waveform signal of the ground electric field, and conduct accurate fault research and judgment and fault recovery through intelligent analysis of the collected current waveform and electric field waveform.

    Feature and Benefit

    • Wave Fault indicator

      High-speed wave recording and real-time sampling

      Sampling frequency
      Relying on high-performance small current self-collection technology, high-precision electronic current transformer and low-power micro-power wireless networking communication technology, complete real-time sampling and high-speed wave recording of line current and electric field

    • Wave Fault indicator

      Three-phase synchronous time synchronization


      Provide an absolute time scale with an accuracy of 1us. Based on the GPS clock signal, when performing three-phase wireless synchronous timing, the accuracy is less than 100μs, ensuring the accuracy of zero-sequence current synthesis

    • Wave Fault indicator

      Low power design

      Start current

      The energy harvesting module adopts high magnetic permeability materials, combined with low power consumption system design, to ensure battery-free full-function operation when the primary current is 5A

    • Wave Fault indicator

      Accurate measurements


      Innovative open-close Rogowski coil type electronic current transformer, line current measurement accuracy ± 1%. Unaffected by the return line erected on the same pole, it can accurately identify line voltage drops and power outages

    Technical Parameter

    Parameter Value
    Short-circuit trip current (phase to phase) 50~1200A adjustable, 1A step, 150A default
    Current record threshold adjustable, 1A step, 5A default (≥5A)
    Current wave upload threshold adjustable, 1A step, 50A default
    Electrical field drop record threshold adjustable: 1% step, 30% default
    Sampling frequency 4096Hz, 80 points per cycle
    Upload wave number 4 waves in front of fault point and 8 waves after fault point
    Indication reset 1)Remote reset through SCADA
    2)Time reset: adjustable, 1 second step, 24h default, max 48h
    3)Auto delay reset after repower, 1 second step, 30s default, only for permanent short circuit fault
    Indicator Protection class IP68
    DCU Protection class IP65
    Internal type test according to IEEE495-2007
    Operation temperature range -40~+70℃
    Indicator battery Lithium battery type 3.6V / 9Ah, replaceable
    DCU battery Rechargeable Lithium battery 12VDC/10Ah
    Battery life 10 years
    Indicator Weight approx. 1kg
    DCU Weight < 5kg
    Dimensions Diameter: 114mm
    Height: 176mm
    Current Accuracy 0A~300A: ±3A
    300A~800A: ±1%
    Cable diameter range 5mm~42mm
    Blinking frequency 10 per minute, adjustable
    Life time of LED flashing 2000h
    Voltage range 5~38KV, can be customized by 44KV, 69KV and 110KV
    Current withstand 31.5KA/4s
    Max. load/fault current 1200A
    Communication medium Indicator to DCU: 433MHz
    DCU to SCADA: 2.5G/3G/4G
    Communication Protocol Indicator to DCU: private
    DCU to SCADA: IEC101, IEC104, DNP3.0, Modbus
    Waveform file format COMTRADE 1999, including Ua, Ub, Uc, Ia, Ib, Ic, Io

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