Control Unit JYZ-FF-HD

  • Control Unit JYZ-FF-HD
  • Control Unit JYZ-FF-HD


    The indicator control communication unit is a data concentrator for collecting indicator load current and fault events. It supports IEC101/IEC104 protocol transmission and SCADA real-time communication. It is an effective remote monitoring solution. It is pole-mounted and powered by solar panels. The power supply has the advantages of maintenance-free and quick installation.


    Communication unit features:


    1. Industrial compact design, small size and light weight, outdoor pole mount
    2. No need for additional power supply, self-contained solar panel power supply, backup lithium battery, to ensure that it is always online
    3. Stronger scalability, with different interface versions of serial port and Ethernet
    4. Two-way data transmission, suitable for Control Unit JYZ series overhead fault indicators to ensure data security

    Feature and Benefit

    • Industrial design for outdoor use


      Protection class

      Special process baking paint, cold resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

    • Compact design, easy installation

      Pole mount
      Equipped with hoop, the structure is more firm

    • Solar powered, independent power supply

      Never disconnect
      Equipped with backup battery, and solar clean energy, double guarantee

    • Modular design, free combination

      Stronger scalability
      Support Ethernet port and serial port communication, equipped with GPS module to achieve precise positioning

    Technical Parameter

    Parameter Value
    Power supply
    Main power Solar powered (solar panel rated output voltage DC18V,20W)
    Backup power Lithium battery: DC12V/10Ah
    Remote GPRS/3G/4G(HD)
    Modem/Router(HD 2.0)
    Local communication 433MHz
    Local communication distance Up to 70m
    Communication protocol IEC101/IEC104
    Sim card 1 SIM card
    Number of connected FPIs Standard 3, up to 9 FCI
    Physical characteristics
    Dimensions 200X300X130mm
    Weight ≤3.9Kg
    Protection class IP54
    Operating temperature -40℃~70℃
    Configuration interface RS232
    Communication Interface Ethernet port(HD2.0)
    Visual fault indication LED light
    Install Pole mount
    Life time >8 years

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