Business Case

Cable Line FPI in Western South America

In Western South America, has privatized the electric power industry. As an independent enterprise, the price of electricity is positive correlation to the quality of service, and the most manifestation of service quality is reliability of power supply.

In the field of distribution network, with the increase in cable rate, the proportion of cable is increasing. Different from overhead lines, underground cables, buried in the ground, are more concealed when fault occur, which bring greater challenges to the investigation and maintenance.


Cable Line FPI in Western South America

In order to solve above problem,“Four-Faith Smart Power technology”provides Underground Fault Passage Indicator Solution for customer. By installing there-phase and zero-sequence Fault Passage Indicator to the Ring Main Unit, Switching Stations and other in-station facilities, within 20ms after the fault occurs, complete the extraction and judgment of fault features to help operation and maintenance personnel quickly locate the fault area.

By adding communication devices, it can also achieve remote monitoring and complete the integration of big data of distribution network, thereby providing strong support to the reliability of power supply.