Business Case

Overhead line FPI in Southwest South America

In Southwest South America, is dominated by thermal power generation. Due to its import dependency of fuel, the electricity price is relatively high.Under normal conditions, higher electricity price needs better service feedback to customers, however, an extended power outage encumbers customers' high quality experience, especially for some key customers, such as hospitals and factories.


Overhead Line FPI in Chile Saesa

Outage time is equivalence to a sustaining loss of life and fortune. The fault must be located as quickly as possible for processing isolation and restoration, thus shortening outage time and improving quality of electric power service.

"Four-Faith Smart Power Technology" provides Overhead Line Fault Passage Indicator Solution, which has successfully solved the above problems for customer. Adopting advanced intelligent algorithms, extraction and judgment of fault feature can be completed within 20ms after the fault occurs, and local or remote instruction can help operation and maintenance personnel quickly locate fault area, thereby speeding up the restore time, shortening the outage interval, and providing important support to improve customer's electric service.

Meanwhile, for village far from city and town, Fault Passage Indicator products provided by "Four-Faith Smart Power Technology" have a service life of more than 10 years because of its Power Self-Sustained Solution (CT power source), thus greatly reducing maintenance costs and improving customer's efficiency of electric operation.