Business Case

Intelligent E-house In Southeast Asia


Most of the substations and power distribution rooms in Southeast Asia still adopt the traditional manual management mode, with low management efficiency, mainly through manual inspection and manual statistics, which is lagging, prone to faults and omissions, and it is difficult to systematically analyze the law of power consumption.

There is a lot of waste of manpower, and without real-time data, it is difficult to effectively drive the implementation of automatic power management. For illegal intrusion and equipment failure, it is impossible to warn and drive away in advance, resulting in a significant increase in maintenance costs.


Intelligent E-house In Southeast Asia

In order to solve this problem, Four-Faith Smart Power provides Malay customers with a smart substation management solution to solve the above problems of customers. This solution, through the design of layered architecture, uses various collection sensors at the terminal layer to collect substation environmental data, use the smart gateway at the transport layer to realize the transmission and control of terminal environment and device data, and finally realize human-computer interaction at the system level.

The solution includes: illegal intrusion monitoring module, environmental warning module, device management module, device control module, automatic Patrol inspection module, energy consumption management module, cost management module, data analysis and statistics module, hierarchical authorization module, power monitoring module, and supports high customization.

The module functions can be adjusted according to the on-site needs of different customers to meet the needs of users in different regions. Automation needs of substations and distribution rooms.