Intelligent Protocol Gateway F-DPU110-RK

  • Intelligent Protocol Gateway F-DPU110-RK
  • Intelligent Protocol Gateway F-DPU110-RK
  • Intelligent Protocol Gateway F-DPU110-RK
  • Intelligent Protocol Gateway F-DPU110-RK


    Intelligent Protocol Gateway F-DPU110-RK is an intelligent communication management machine gateway, designed to help the power Internet of Things industry. Intelligent protocol gateway integrates 5G, edge computing, communication management, protocol conversion, and other cutting-edge technologies into one product, and intelligent protocol gateways functions cover the intelligent IoT management system. The "edge" and "end" of the whole system are important components of the whole system to realize cloud-edge collaboration, edge-end linkage, computing power sinking, and regional autonomy. Intelligent Protocol Gateway F-DPU110-RK can be widely used in smart grids, power Internet of Things, industrial interconnection, and other fields.

    Feature and Benefit

    • Intelligent Protocol Gateway

      Powerful function

      Communication: Support 5G eMBB/uRLLC high-bandwidth, low-latency communication, support 4G/5G/wired switching
      Edge Computing: Supports algorithm strategies such as customized operation self-optimization, distribution transformer health analysis, dynamic ring linkage control, etc.
      Container/APP: Support at least 64 independent APP applications

    • Intelligent Protocol Gateway

      Advanced 5G communication technology

      Support 5G cellular network access capabilities, high bandwidth, low latency and other features make a better service.Leading smart power, smart distribution network, smart substation and other industries into the 5G high-speed era

    • Intelligent Protocol Gateway

      Rich protocol types

      Support standard Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, IEC101, IEC104, DNP3.0, MQTT, and other protocols to meet the transmission needs of different smart projects; and provide protocol conversion functions for different background SCADA systems, power protection devices, various smart devices, Different management systems, etc. provide reliable protocol transmission requirements.

    Technical Parameter

    Cellular Specification
    Items  Contents
    Module Industrial grade wireless module
    Note: Standard is 1*SIM card, optional 2*SIM card

    5G NR: n1/n2/n3/n5/n7/n8/n20/n28/n41/n66/n71/n77/n78/n79

    B30/B38/B39/ B40/B41/B42/B43/ B46/ B48/B71

    Bandwidth 5G NR(DL 3.4Gbps,UL 350Mbps)
    FDD LTE(DL 100Mbps,UL 50Mbps)
    TDD LTE(DL 68Mbps,UL 17Mbps)
    CDMA2000 1X EVDO Rev A (DL 3.1Mbps,UL 1.8Mbps)
    WCDMA(DL 42Mbps,UL 5.76Mbps)
    TD-SCDMA(DL 4.2Mbps,UL 2.2Mbps)
    Power < 23dBm
    Sensitivity <-109dBm


    Items  Contents
    WAN 1 x 10/100/1000M ETH port, auto adapt MDI/MDIX, built in 1.5KV ESD
    LAN 4 x 10/100/1000M ETH port, auto adapt MDI/MDIX, built in 1.5KV ESD
    Serial 8*RS232 / RS485
    Data bits: 5, 6, 7, 8 bits
    Stop bits: 1, 1.5 (optional), 2 bits
    Parity:NONE, ODD, EVEN, SPACE (Optional) and MARK (Optional)
    Baud rate :2400~115200bits/s
    Indicators “Serial-Port”, “Signal Strength”,“Power”, “System”, “Online”, “SIM”, “GPS”, “LoRa”,
    “WAN” and “LAN”, etc
    Antenna Cellular:8 x SMA female, characteristic impedance 50 ohms
    SIM/UIM Standard drawer type, 1.8V/3V SIM/UIM,15KV ESD protection
    Power 5.08mm spacing 3 PIN terminal, 220V, AC power supply
    USB Standard USB3.0 interface, support a variety of USB storage
    TF card Standard elastic TF card interface, support various TF cards
    HDMI Standard HDMI interface
    Reset Button Through this button, the parameter configuration can be restored to the factory


    Physical Properties Hardware System
    Items  Contents Items  Contents
    Shell Metal shell, IP30 CPU Quadnuclei at 64 bits Cortex-A55@2.0GHz
    Size 482.6*180*44mm Storage Flash 32G
    LPDDR4 4G
    Weight 1.81kg Operation System debian10


    Power Supply Others
    Items  Contents Items  Contents
    Standard AC 220V Operating Temperature 0~+60(Standard version)
    -35~+75ºC(Industrial version)
    Range AC 100~265V Storage Temperature -10~+85ºC
    Rated Power <46W(100Vac/240Vac) Relative Humidity 95% (No condensation)

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