Automatic Circuit Recloser F-ACR

  • Automatic Circuit Recloser F-ACR
  • Automatic Circuit Recloser F-ACR
  • Automatic Circuit Recloser F-ACR


    Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACRs) are outdoor intelligent switch applied in the filed of distribution automation, usually mounted on outgoing line side of substation, tie points of ring network, trunk line of distribution grid, or at the head of important feeder lines, with short-circuit current breaking and making ability, completed with feeder terminal unit (FTU), which can realize multiple reclosing function. When a short-circuit fault occurs on the line, Automatic Circuit Recloser implements cycling operation according to the sequence and time interval. When a permanent fault occurs, after implementing preset cycling operation sequence, Automatic Circuit Recloser is keep opening and block to close to isolate the faulted section. When the fault is removed, a manual reset is needed to release blocking status and implement close operation. When a transient fault occurs, the subsequent opening and closing operations are terminated in the cyclic opening and closing operation, regardless of which reclosing is successful, and initial setting status is restored after a certain delay time.

    Our company latest development xx series Automatic Circuit Recloser s, cover 15KV, 27KV, 38KV voltage level, reach 1200A maximum rated current, meet IEC62271-111 and IEEE C37.60 international standards.

    Feature and Benefit

    • Automatic Circuit Recloser

      Using enclosed pole technology, the whole vacuum interrupter is poured in epoxy resin, thus eliminating the influence of dust and moisture on the insulation capacity outside interrupter, which is not easy to age and enhance the corrosion resistance of the equipment in a highly polluted environment.

    • Automatic Circuit Recloser

      Adopting bi-stable permanent magnet operating mechanism, compared with the spring operating mechanism, it greatly reduces the moving parts, simple maintenance, no need for power supply to hold during operation, improving reliability, realizing the customers’ demand for quick opening and closing.

    • Automatic Circuit Recloser

      Supporting current and voltage sensors, independent package with each phase, small size, maintenance-free, large linear measurement range, no magnetic saturation phenomenon, to meet the customers’ large scale, high-precision measurement requirements.

    • Automatic Circuit Recloser

      Supporting emergent opening operation, by operation handle of the mechanism, to realize manual opening, to meet the requirements of rapid power blackout in emergence, and ensure the first priority of the opening operation.

    Technical Parameter

    Technical Description:

    Parameter/Type 15kV ACR 27kV ACR 38kV ACR
    Rated Voltage(kV) 2.4-14.4 24.9 34.5
    Maximum Voltage(kV) 15.5 27 38
    Rated Power Frequency withstand Voltage(kV) 50/60  60/70  70/80
    Rated lightning impulse withstand Voltage(kV)  110/125  125/150  150/170
    Rated Normal Current(A)  630/800/1000 630/800/1000  630/800/1000
    Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current(kA)  12.5/16 12.5/16  12.5/16
    Rated Short Circuit Making Current(kA) 31.5/40 31.5/40 31.5/40
    Rated Short-time withstand Current(kA/s)  12.5/3 16/3 12.5/3 16/3 12.5/3 16/3
    Arc Extinguishing Medium  Vacuum  Vacuum Vacuum
    Insulation Medium Solid Solid Solid
    Operation Mechanism  Magnetic Actuator  Magnetic Actuator  Magnetic Actuator
    Bushing  Epoxy or Silicon Rubber  Epoxy or Silicon Rubber  Epoxy or Silicon Rubber
    Mechanical endurance CO  10000 10000 10000
    Creepage Distance(mm)  640  960  1288
    Pollution Level  IV (31mm/kV) IV (31mm/kV)  IV (31mm/kV) 
    Ambient air temperature range(℃) -40..+70  -40..+70  -40..+70 
    Altitude(m)  2000 2000 2000
    Degree of Protection IP67 IP67 IP67
    Reference Standard  IEC62271-111,IEEE C37 60  IEC62271-111,IEEE C37 60  IEC62271-111,IEEE C37 60

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