Business Case

Gateway in The Middle East


The Middle East Power Market is Developing Rapidly and distribution automation is also deploying rapidly, communication system, as links, faces many challenges, such as malicious network attack and unstable data transmission, which seriously affect the remote management of power distribution construction.


Protocol Convert Gateway

Protocol Convert Gateway (F-DPU model), provided by "Four-Faith Smart Power Technology", has successfully solved above problems faced by customer. This product has firewall function, which can prevent cyber attacks, ensure data security in 3G/4G communication process, prevent data theft and leakage,and through 4G network in F-DPU product, within the coverage of base station, it can make sure the stability of on-site data output, avoiding data loss and leakage.

In addition, the WiFi function in F-DPU can quickly deploy connection maintenance when an emergency occur, improving the operational efficiency of operation and maintenance personnel.