Hit the spot! Four-Faith brings innovative smart power technology to the 2024 Hannover Messe


On April 22-26, 2024, local time, the Hannover Industrial Fair 2024 (HANNOVER MESSE 2024) grandly opened at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Germany.Four-Faith brought innovative technologies and representative results in the field of smart power to the Hall 12 A14-6 booth, exchanging ideas with industrial partners from around the world, and jointly exploring the latest industrial technologies, trends, and solutions.

Focusing on low-carbon energy conservation to promote the green development of global power grids

This exhibition focuses on themes such as "digitization, intelligence, and sustainability" and displays the latest industrial technologies and innovations, covering fields such as industrial automation, robotics, industrial Internet, energy technology, digital factories, and artificial intelligence.


In order to actively participate in the construction of global new power systems and promote the green development of global power grids, Four-Faith focuses on the theme of 'low-carbon energy saving, green environmental protection' at this exhibition. We will highlight key equipment such as fault indicators, protocol gateways, industrial routers, and relay units from Sixin, fully demonstrating our technical innovation and research strength in smart grids

Four-Faith Feeder Protection Relay

Focused on addressing the pain points and challenges of smart distribution networks, Four-Faith leverages reform and innovation to introduce distribution automation products that play a crucial role in fault detection, isolation, and restoration processes. Four-Faith's distribution automation products primarily consist of reclosers, load switches, and FTU control boxes. These components enable rapid fault location and isolation while maintaining normal power supply in non-fault areas, thus achieving FDIR functionality. When paired with the SACDA system, real-time monitoring of distribution lines and the implementation of four-remote functions are also achievable.


The feeder terminal unit (FTU) is crucial for implementing feeder automation, with its core component being the F-RLY100 protection relay unit. It primarily performs functions such as protection, control, measurement, communication, data processing, and power management. It can be configured with various distribution network automation logics to achieve rapid detection, isolation, and self-recovery of feeder faults (FDIR), thereby reducing outage time, improving power supply reliability, and facilitating the intelligent upgrade and transformation of distribution networks.


Four-Faith Fault Indicator

The Four-Faith JYZ series fault indicators are made using UV-resistant materials, suitable for harsh outdoor environments, with an IP68 protection rating. They have obtained IEEE495-2007 test certification and are currently widely used in overhead medium-voltage distribution networks in over 100 countries and regions worldwide. They provide utility service personnel with convenient and efficient fault location capabilities, and assist in quickly restoring power supply to users