PV Micro Inverter F-WMI300/350/400

  • PV Micro Inverter F-WMI300/350/400
  • PV Micro Inverter F-WMI300/350/400
  • PV Micro Inverter F-WMI300/350/400
  • PV Micro Inverter F-WMI300/350/400


    PV Micro Inverter F-WMI300/350/400 are plug and play power conversion device used in photovoltaic systems, that convert direct current(DC) generated by PV modules to alternating current(AC) for household users and feed it into the public grid,each PV micro inverter connects to 1 PV modules.

    With the smart mobile APP, operation data of the PV micro inverters can be collected easily. There are more functions in the APP, such as real-time data display for both plant-level & inverter-level as well as daily, monthly, annual, and total energy. Furthermore, users can easily see that alarm information with the equipment, which could assist the users in monitoring the operation of the PV plant, ensuring normal operation of the power plant and obtaining of the great yield.

    Feature and Benefit

    • PV Micro Inverter

      Streamlined Design

      • Acid and alkali resistance
      • Aluminum shell
      • Bright grey sandblasting
      • Oxidation treatment
      • IP65 waterproof design
      • Never fade

    • PV Micro Inverter

      High Safety

      Parallel structure, Max. 60V DC voltage, no safety hazards such as electric shock and arc fire.
      DC and AC isolated, more safe especially
      for rooftop.
      Comply with the NEC 690.12-2017, which require a shutdown mechnism at module level to improve system safety

    • PV Micro Inverter

      Smart home life APP

      • Daily and total power generation(kWh)
      • Actual DC input voltage, current and power
      • Actual AC output voltage, current and power
      • CO2 emission reduction
      • Historical(daily,weekly, monthly) power curve
      • Optional limit of power output
      • Inverter star-stop online swithcing

    • PV Micro Inverter

      User Friendly

      • Come with “2pcs AC cables” and mount hole, easy installation
      • “Plug-and-play” connectors for fast and reliable connection of the system
      • IP65 protection degree, adapt to harsh environment, ensuring 10+ years lifespan

    Technical Parameter

    Model F-WMI300 F-WMI350 F-WMI400
    Common module power(W) Max 375W Max 435W Max 500W
    Peak power MPPT voltage range(V) 30~60
    Start-up voltage(V) 22
    Operating voltage range(V) 22~60
    Maximum input voltage(V) 60
    Maximum input current(A) 13.7 16 18
    Maximum input short-circuit current(A) 15 18 20
    Maximum backfeed current to array(A)0 0


    Model F-WMI300 F-WMI350 F-WMI400
    Rated output power(VA) 300 350 400
    Rated output current(A) @120V 2.5A
    @230V 1.3A
    @120V 2.9A
    @230V 1.5A
    @120V 3.3A
    @230V 1.7A
    Nominal output voltage/range(V) @120V 85-160VAC
    @230V 180-265VAC
    Nominal frequency/range(Hz) @120V 48-51Hz/58-61Hz
    @230V 48-51Hz/58-61Hz
    Power factor >0.99 default
    0.8 leading...0.8 lagging
    Output current harmonic distortion <3%
    Maximum unit per branch @120V 15PCs
    @230V 25PCs
    @120V 15PCs
    @230V 25PCs
    @120V 15PCs
    @230V 25PCs


    Model F-WMI300 F-WMI350 F-WMI400
    Peak microinverter efficiency 92.70%
    CEC weighted efficiency 92.50%
    Nominal MPPT efficiency 99.80%
    Night power consumption(mW) <50


    Model F-WMI300 F-WMI350 F-WMI400
    Ambient temperature range(℃) -20 to +50
    Dimensions(L×W×H)  164×187×37
    Weight(kg)  0.82
    Waterproof level Outdoor Nema 3R(IP65)
    Cooling method Nature Convection (no fans)
    Degree of pollution PD3


    Model F-WMI300 F-WMI350 F-WMI400
    Power Delivery Mode Reverse transmission, load priority
    Communication Method WiFi
    Surveillance system Cloud Intelligence
    Warranty 5 years
    Electrical Standard EN 50549-1:2019, EN 50549-2:2019
    EN 61000-6-1:2007,EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011+AC:2012
    IEC/EN 62109-1:2010, IEC/EN 62109-2:2011



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