Four-Faith Power Distribution RMU Surveillance System

Solution overview:


In this solution, we monitor the RMU to prevent illegal opening and entry, monitor the behavior of personnel entering the RMU, detect the status of the RMU, such as smoke, cable temperature, humidity, etc., as well as faults caused by cable aging and external damage, and monitor the temperature of key points. Realize local distributed management.


Send monitoring data through the Four-Faith industrial router, remotely monitor the RMU opening status through SCADA and APP, take photos and collect evidence for each RMU maintenance, trigger smoke and fog alarms and flood alarms in the event of fire or flooding, and monitor the scene locally and remote alarm.


Power Distribution RMU Surveillance System


Four-Faith provides a power distribution RMU monitoring system with industrial routers as the core, integrating power edge sensors, door sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors,  alarms, and thermal cameras. When the door is opened, the IP camera will take pictures continuously at a certain time interval. , the door sensor confirms whether the RMU is open, monitors key points such as cable heads and aging connections, and continuously scans through thermal cameras to obtain abnormal temperature points and send them to SACDA/APP to    predict faults in advance and quickly display them on APP/SCADA Locate the RMU position and trigger an alarm at the same time. Engineers can quickly arrive at the site to troubleshoot and restore power. UPS is an emergency power supply. When a power outage occurs on site, UPS can still maintain the normal operation of the system to ensure that users can find the fault point.


Four-Faith Solution:


Power Distribution RMU Surveillance System


Solution Function:

Safety: Extremely high security to prevent early warning attempts to destroy public property and unauthorized personnel.


Real time monitoring: Measurement, collection and verification of field (electrical and environmental) information.


Intelligent: The platform implements remote and centralized monitoring of the power distribution room in the system, authorizes management, and realizes the real "unattended" power distribution room.


Benefits of the solution:


1. Multiple intelligent temperature measurement methods:

1.1 Detected by a temperature sensor.

1.2 Analyze the aging condition of the equipment by scanning the thermal imager.

1.3 Timely notification through remote management of the management platform.


2. Early warning mechanism:

Associated with the door sensor monitoring module, when someone unlocks and opens the door sensor, the IP Camera will start to capture, the router will record and report to the management platform;  SCADA can judge whether it is a legal person in time.


3. Expansion mechanism:

Connect the digital input signal to the router through the 4 inputs of the RO expansion module to integrate more collectors.


Customer case Picture:


Picture 1 Four-Faith Surveillance Video System APP


Power Distribution RMU Surveillance System


Picture 2 Four-Faith Surveillance Video System


Power Distribution RMU Surveillance System