Distribution Automation


What is distribution automation?
Distribution automation: based on the primary grid and equipment, with the distribution automation system as the core, comprehensively utilize a variety of communication methods to realize the monitoring and control of the distribution system, and through the information integration with related application systems, the distribution Scientific management of electrical systems. Distribution automation should aim at improving power supply reliability, improving power supply quality, improving grid operation efficiency and meeting customer needs.

Distribution automation

What is a feeder terminal unit
FTU is the Feeder RTU and control equipment of Automated Load Break Switch or Auto-Recloser for Distribution Automation. Distribution automation has been vigorously adopted for rapid fault identification/ restoration, remote/automatic operation of wide-area distribution networks, and eventually operation cost-down of distribution system. FTU's main functions are remote operation of the switches, status monitoring of the switches, tele-metering or measurements of electric values, and fault detection/protection.

feeder terminal unit

What is the function of Auto Reclosing?
When the recloser detects a fault, it automatically cuts off the electricity. The recloser puts the power back on a moment later (the duration may be as little as a light bulb flicker), but if the fault persists, it switches it off again. If the fault persists after multiple attempts, the recloser is set to consider it a permanent problem and turns off. A power company team must first fix the line fault and then reset the recloser to restore electricity.

Lightning strikes, falling tree branches, or automobile wrecks destroying power lines or other equipment are examples of long-term issues.

Auto Reclosing