Four-Faith Smart Power Presents New Technologies at Power Distribution Technology Application Forum


From August 16th to 17th, the 12th Power Distribution Technology Application Forum, with the theme of "Promoting Digital Transformation of Distribution Grid and Boosting New Distribution System", was successfully held at the Buckingham Hotel in Nanjing, organized by the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Power System Management and its Information Exchange.


In order to accelerate the digital transformation and upgrade of distribution grid and promote the high-quality development of distribution grid, there are many professionals such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, experts in grid practice, experts and scholars from universities and research institutes to participate in in-depth discussions and research on distribution technology, applications and other topics. Four-Faith brings 5G series products, popular terminals and system platforms for power IoT to the conference, displaying a deep integration of modern information technology such as 5G, AI and edge computing in the site.


power distribution technology


During the exhibition, there were a lot of customers visiting the booth of Four-Faith, among which the 5G theme exhibition area was attracting attention, especially the high-quality industrial-grade products represented by 5G intelligent edge gateway, 5G industrial router, 5G distributed processing unit, etc. were highly recognized by the visiting customers one after another.


In addition, a series of Four-Faith representative works such as wireless communication modules for electric power and line loss modules, which have been widely used in various fields of smart grid, were presented. All the staffs of Four-Faith have professional business ability to discuss and analyze the products displayed on site for the visiting customers.


Although the two-day conference has come to an end, but as a power IoT technology expert, Four-Faith in the IoT industry journey is never-ending. We will always adhere to the heart in the future, respond to the national development plan in every moment, accelerate the layout of the Internet of Things industry, play the enterprise's strong R & D strength and the spirit of science and technology, and work together with industry partners to promote the highly intelligent process of smart grid.