4 Wonderful Products were Added to the Four-Faith Smart Power Distribution Line Loss Module


As an important product in the transformation and construction projects of primary and secondary fusion equipment of distribution network, the distribution line loss acquisition module (abbreviation "line loss module") is installed in the distribution automation terminal (box/hood FTU, distributed DTU), and is a collection module that provides the power required for line loss calculation.


distribution line

In response to the industry's demand for more diverse line loss measurement, After successively launching the line loss modules such as electromagnetic and electronic etc, Four-Faith Smart Power continue its victorious pursuit and added four wonderful products to the team of distribution line loss acquisition module - F-AI100, F-AI110, F-ES100, F-ES110. This is a 10kV distribution high-voltage metering device based on voltage/current transformer, which provides solutions for the needs of high-voltage energy measurement and real-time monitoring at equipment nodes such as 10kV distribution line segments, branch points, column switches, ring network cabinets, etc., and is an important part of the refined line loss management system of 10kV distribution lines.

The device integrates measurement and communication functions, and supports TTL serial communication. Among them, the measurement accuracy of active energy complies with the provisions in GB/T17215.322-2008 (stationary active energy meter 0.5S); The measurement accuracy of reactive energy complies with the provisions in GB/T17215.323-2008 (static reactive energy meter level 2); Communications comply with the DLT634.5101-2002 specification.

Product Features

1. Embedded installation, small size, flexible customization

2. All measurement parameters comply with relevant international statutes

3. It is applicable to multiple scenarios such as hood/box FTU, distributed DTU, etc

4. It supports voltage and current acquisition of various specifications with strong selectivity