Four-Faith Smart Power will go as Scheduled to the Exhibition of the Middle East Energy


At the begining of 2020, the spread of epidemic has touched the hearts of all people. In this sustained "epidemic war" campaign, the dedication of all medical staff and volunteers has firmly built the confidence of the whole people. In front of the virus, every ordinary and brave people must hold the firm belief that we can overcome the virus to fight, to face the difficulties.


Middle East Energy

We are looking forward to the success of the "epidemic war", and will eventually usher in a warm spring!

In March 2020, at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates, the Electricity industry's largest trade exhibition, Middle East Electricity (MEE), will be held as scheduled in this particular early spring.

Four-Faith will participate this session for the first time. While the epidemic is not over yet, we will take a serious look at the current situation, actively take anti-epidemic measures, meet the challenges on the basis of safety and keep the appointment as scheduled. Bring our products and solutions to the international power market.

MEE, a influential professional electricity and energy exhibition in the Middle East and even the world, was rated as one of the top five indusrial activity in the world. It has been held annually since 1975, and sucessfully held for 44 years. The exhibition is committed to becoming the largest and best professional trading platform in the fields of electricity, lighting, new energy and nuclear energy to attract tens of thousands of trading opportunities worldwide. The high-tech products and technologies on display and the latest research achievements represent the development direction of the world's power and energy industry.

Four-Faith Energy Efficiency Management System adopts advanced information integration technology to monitor the distribution of building, the types of equipments and the distribution of points & equipemnts. According to the actual projects, it can directly monitor and evaluate the energy consumption of office buildings, commercial centers, residential areas, factories,hospital, school and government building by integrating the energy consumption information of monitored nodes into the background of the Energy Efficiency Management System, and uploading it to the network through the wan. It is convenient for managers to monitor and evaluate the energy consumption of each functional area.

Four-Faith Smart Power Distribution Room Monitoring Management System monitor the operation status and environment of equipments on line remotely. When the power equipment malfunction or spot (such as short circuit, high temperature of cables, water, illegally broken into), the device can automatically collect information in the first time, and send the superior monitoring management center monitoring information (data, voice, video, etc.) and alarm information. Operation staffs understand the equipment running status timely without performing at the site, monitor the scene directly directly to nip the accident in the bud.

We sincerely invite you to visit.
Middle East Energy
Time: 3~5 March 2020
Place: Dubai World Trade Center United Arab Emirates
Four-Faith Booth NO. :H9J14
We are waiting for your coming!