Four-Faith Smart Power Multifunction Power Meter has a debut with strength!


Traditional wired meter is limited by the wired network mode, installation distance, waste of wire distributed, high cost etc problems. At the mean time, power meter need external connection with modem to transmit data to SCADA. It's only suitable for concentrated installation area. Confronting the diversification of scenarios, wired meter can’t meet all environment requirements.


Four-Faith Multifunction Power Meter

Four-Faith new power meter meet different scenarios application

Based on a deep understanding of meter reading system, Four-Faith F-MPM200 MultiFunction Power Meter comes into Being with outstanding of supporting wired and wireless communication at the same time.

F-MPM200 MultiFunction Power Meter is a simple & reliable measure and control device. It's widely used in power system, environment monitoring, LV distribution etc automation field. It integrates parameter measurement and statistics, power quality analysis, event recording, remote communication and control functions, with optional serial cable communication or LoRa/2G/3G/4G wireless communication, and optional AI/AO/DO /COM/Ethernet port and other expansion module interfaces.


Four-Faith Multifunction Power Meter

1. Measuring accuracy compliance with China national standard

2. Support wireless communication with optional LoRa, NB-IoT, 2G/3G/4G etc.

3. Expandable interface with optional AI/AO/DI/DO/COM/Ethernet etc.

4. Various function with power factor, power quality analyzing and monitoring, events record and value-setting action etc.

F-MPM200 MultiFunction Power Meter is widely used in LV power system, MV power system and smart switchgear.