New Zealand National Party Delegation visit Four-Faith Smart Power


On September 7th, the New Zealand National Party delegation: New Zealand National Party leader, opposition leader, former Minister of Economic Development and Minister of Communications Simon Bridges, National Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, former Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee, National Party Congressman, Congress Dr. Yang Jian, Chairman of the Government Governance and Administration Committee, Rachel Morton, Chief Press Secretary of the National Party, and the leaders of the 7th Bureau of the International Liaison Department, the leaders of the Xiamen Foreign Affairs Office and Xiamen New Zealand chamber of commerce visited the headquarters of Four-Faith. The leaders of Four-Faith company Ms. Wang and other members warmly received and exchanged ideas with the guests on the hottest theme of IoT technology.

the New Zealand National Party delegation

During the visiting, accompanied by the Four-Faith Leader Ms. Wang and other members , the guests visited the multi-functional exhibition hall and R&D center. The new high technology in the multi-functional exhibition hall attracted the attention of the guests. Four-Faith leaders fully explained the IoT productand solutions to the guests.


The delegation showed strong interest in the solutions of Four-Faith wireless IoT communication equipment, smart power, smart irrigation area, smart disaster detect, smart water and smart fire protection, and raised professional questions from different industry fields. After the leaders of the company answered the questions patiently, the delegations said: "I hope that the products and solutions of the Four-Faith will be more popularized and apply in New Zealand in the future. The cooperation between each other will lay the foundation from this visit."


Subsequently, in order to give the guests a deeper understanding of our core technology and corporate development direction, Ms. Wang, the Chairman and General Manager of Four-Faith led the professional team and the guests to make in-depth exchanges on the most popular IoT industry today, and deeply analyze the status quo and future of Chinese Internet of Things industry.

Through this in-depth discussion with the guests, we will have a deeper understanding of the current situation and development plan of our company and lay a solid foundation for future cooperation.


Internet of things technology meeting

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to let the guests coming from afar more intuitively feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture, Four-faith leaders gave the guests a brief introduction to the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and warmly invited them to participate the South of Fujian Province traditional culture game “bo bing”, and give the most Chinese culture gifts to the guests.

The crisp sound of the scorpion jump, the excitement of the guests' faces, and the wonderful experience of spreading Chinese traditional culture are all more complete for today's reception.

The journey of four-faith in the Internet of Things industry has always been the starry sea. We will always stick to our heart and be committed to making the vision of all things more intelligent, so that more and more people can feel the charm of the Internet of Everything.