Connect Everything in an Optical Way and Lead the Future with Wisdom


Recently, the 14th OVC Expo was opening in Wuhan city and it has attracted around 5000 famous companies from 30 countries and districts. This OVC Expo focused on "Optics power+Wisdom power" and emphasized to show the new product, new technology and new solution plan of "information & intelligence" from optics-electric technology. Xiamen Four-Faith used "to make industry automation & intelligent"as theme and brought the M2M series devices to show in the Expo!


Four Faith Industry Automation


Looking around the whole Expo, there were a few power distribution and M2M wireless communication devices and solution companies like Four-Faith. As one of the exhibitors, Xiamen Four-Faith brought series of power distribution and M2M communication terminal devices like industrial router, all-network router, DTU etc to join the Expo and become one of the big highlight in the Expo. In the past few years, Xiamen Four-Faith keep on firmly staying on the front edge of industry and market in its power distribution and M2M communication technology and devices, and they have been widely used in many applications like IoT, wireless communication, industry control, photoelectricity technology, smart grid, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent construction.


In the future, accompanying by the development of innovation technology, "China manufacturing" will move forward to "China intelligent manufacturing". Four-Faith will also continue the innovation of technology, devices and service to devote to fully promote the Chinese industries intelligent upgrading and achieve Chinese intelligent manufacturing, speeding up the innovation of the products and technology to offer more advanced products and technology for series industrial areas IoT, smart grid, industry control, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent construction etc. Meanwhile we will actively take part in each industry area, communicate and cooperate more deeply with market and fellows, leading the future by wisdom!


Right now Four-Faith devices and service have been reached to more than 50 countries and districts, we will learn the value suggestions and market demand after the deep discussion with the clients and fellows visiting our booth in Expo. Continuing the innovation of products technology and application, offering the more professional products, technology and service to the market, to assist Chinese intelligent manufacturing, to make industry intelligent automation!