Four-Faith 8th Anniversary and Subsidiary Establishment Celebration

On June 18, 2016, with passion and joy, bearing the responsibility and dream, Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd enjoy their ‘To care and to be together, to share the Future’ 8th anniversary and subsidiary establishment celebration in Changtai tourism area. All staff together with the guests to celebrate this big day and happy for the dream of starting a new undertaking with the establishment of 4 subsidiaries.


Four-Faith Communication


8th anniversary is divided into five parts, the 1st is ‘Our future’ seminar, the 2nd is 4 subsidiaries establishment ceremony, the 3rd is employee awards ceremony, the 4th is to travel Changtai scenic spot, the 5th is entertainment and dinner.


1. We create our dreams together

In 2015, the “Internet of things+” booming backdrop, Four-Faith people actively enterprising, brave in exploitation, company with last year’s double growth performance, won the “Fujian province famous brand”, has made gratifying achievements. In 2016, it is Four-Faith itself second start up, to realize spanning development, at the beginning of June, the company launched a “Our Future” as the theme of brain storming round BBS, invite all employees and reviewing the past, present, and plan for the future, the center actively sharing meeting essence...


Manufacturing center: insist to do let customer satisfaction products, we will have the courage to deny themselves continuously, transformation and application of customer survey results to, constantly improve optimization, to provide customers with better products and services.


Creative center: innovation, innovation, and innovation, not only including product innovation, and technical innovation, process innovation, mechanism innovation, etc. Creative center will make pre research project investment, activate the talent mechanism, make excellent talents to and willing to do the vow force, proud project...


Profit center: our products have been selling to 50+ countries around the world, the brand in the industry have a certain visibility. The honor belongs to the past, second start up, our goal is to develop in different regions in the global partners, in-depth industry insight, provide product and wisdom of the Internet of Things, assist engineers to meet the challenges of engineering in the present and future, realizing multi-win-win situation.


Service center: face the challenges of the future, the construction of high efficient background operation support team, for each service point of contact is value creation.


With eight years of time, we start with small, there are also insufficient, “Our Future” to discuss the precipitation criticism, advice and wisdom, will become our growth nutrient, inspires Four-Faith people “adhere to the ideal, face the reality”, go more steadfast steady...


2. Starting s new undertaking, 4 solo subsidiary operating


Entrepreneurship, has been on the road. In Four-Faith eight years old birthday, launched four solo subsidiary. HongKong Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd; Four-Faith IOT Technology Co., Ltd; Four-Faith Automation Technology Co., Ltd; and Shanghai Four-Faith IOT Technology Co., Ltd.


Fireworks, balloons soar, secondary entrepreneurial passion and dream if freshman, blessing from the steadfast enterprising, the eagle is flying the sky, fish swim, writing cattle shinning tomorrow.

3. Employee awards honor, the exhibition


No pain, no gain. There will be no pain, no gain, a good will certainly have a comment, important prizes awarded again and again to orgasm, Four-Faith staff enthusiasm, to spread the positive energy of friends thumb up.


Experienced staff award, they reveal the history

Experienced staff, as the backbone of enterprises, their continuity, inside and outside, assiduous, reveals the true history. Enterprises along the way, thank you, we, the heart is the fate of the enterprise, the long-term contribution of his own wisdom, concentric counterparts, we are the talent, enterprise assets, all the employees gathered the most precious wealth, thanks to all employees, long days in the future, let us together to pass through.


Quality is our foothold, TQM (total quality management)

We have opened the TQM (total quality management), around Four-Faith quality policy, quality objectives, customer satisfaction index, has carried out a variety of interesting race. Let every Four-Faith people actively participate in every link of quality management, improve the quality management consciousness, a better service to customers.


All kinds of game is Four-Faith traditional events, has held eight sessions

Four-Faith organize the 8th anniversary of ball games: football, basketball, table tennis, Badminton. After fierce rivalry, finally decided the game respectively different groups of gold and silver.


4. Traveling Changtai Scenic spot

Changtai xiaohuangshan, with the original ecological forest, rugged rocks, cliff edge of pine trees for Four-Faith friends has a pair of “addiction” huangshan, there are also other entertainment: water bike, ride horses, spent the whole afternoon.


5. Entertainment and dinner

Song and dance party, miao toast, miao folk song, the forest, mountain “blade” , shows various forms and colorful, the climactic showdown, in the cheers and scremas, we couldn’t help but to raise a glass to celebrate our birthday.

Along with the familiar birthday song melody
“To care and to be together, to share the Future”
Four-Faith 8th Anniversary and Subsidiary Establishment Celebration
Successfully concluded

Faith is the substance of things; Indeed, according to things not seen. Yesterday, Four-Faith people concentric counterparts all the way, all the trials and hardships, all the way to achieve results; Facing the future, Four-faith is hard to walk, and to look up at the starry sky, mindfulness vital gi, not to take shortcuts, will be more firmly rolled up each other’s arms, embrace the future of the sun.