Four-Faith Smart Power 5G Intelligent Edge Gateway New Product Debut


As the Internet of Things enters a stage of rapid development, the massive data processing requirements brought by the explosive growth of IoT devices, as well as the demand for real-time computing of data, are bound to promote another round of technological innovation in the field of the Internet of Things. Edge computing technology is evolving with the trend, changing the way countless devices around the world process and data are delivered, and achieving the purpose of a large number of devices working together efficiently. The increasing maturity of AI technology has made its application fields continue to expand, subtly improve the efficiency of human society, and accelerate the arrival of the intelligent world.


5g intelligent edge gateway

"4G changes life, 5G changes society", 5G communication technology brings social change, but also is also a catalyst for edge computing and artificial intelligence, accelerating the development and application of the above technologies. With a number of 5G application scenarios coming to fruition, Four-Faith continue its victorious pursuit and has launched another remarkable product in the industry - F-IEG100 5G Intelligent Edge Gateway with outstanding self-research capabilities, which highly integrates 5G, edge computing and AI technologies to further deepen the development direction of Four-Faith IoT product intelligence.
F-IEG100 5G Intelligent Edge Gateway is a product that integrates 5G, AI, edge computing, communication management, local visualisation and other cutting-edge technologies. The function covers both the "Edge" and "Service side", and is an important part of the whole intelligent IoT system to achieve cloud-side collaboration, edge-end linkage, computing power sinking and regional autonomy, which can be widely used in smart grid, smart factory and other fields.

Product Features

5G High-Speed Communication
Support 5G eMBB / uRLLC high bandwidth, low latency communication, support 5G / cable switching

AI Image Recognition 
Work wear specification, work behaviour recognition, instrument indication status, foreign object intrusion recognition, etc.

Strong Edge Calculation
Autonomous operational optimisation, distribution health analysis, dynamic linkage control, support for customized algorithms and strategies

Support for the Container / APP
Support at least 4 independent container functions and at least 64 independent APP applications

Enrichment of IoT Ports
With LoRa gateway function, support sensor wireless sensing access

Multiple Communications Statutes
MODBUS / 101 / 104 / DLT645 / MQTT / Interface B, etc

Visualization interface
Power monitoring, dynamic ring monitoring, video dirllsplay and identification, alarm, user management, etc.