Electric Power Enterprises Welcome Distribution Network Automation Coverage Opportunities


The improvement of distribution network automation coverage will bring broad market opportunities for electric power automation enterprises. My country's distribution network investment continues to grow, the construction of smart grids is accelerating, and the realization of distribution network automation is the general trend, and it is even more necessary for automation companies to meet the needs of the power grid.


distribution network automation

1. Distribution network automation has broad extension

Distribution network automation is to use computer technology, automatic control technology, electronic technology, communication technology and new high-performance power distribution equipment and other technical means to carry out offline and online intelligent monitoring and management of distribution network. With the increasing investment in my country's distribution network construction, distribution network automation has played a pivotal role in it. Distribution network automation requires fast recovery, self-healing, and small spread. This is the future requirement for a new type of distribution network, and it is also a key point to get through the "last mile" of the smart grid.

According to industry experts, at present, distribution network automation has many functions, mainly collecting data and controlling it, monitoring the operation status of the power distribution system, discovering problems in the power distribution system in time, managing power distribution equipment, and maintaining equipment safety. According to the results of the test data, do a good job in maintenance management, power outage management, and load management. Through the construction of automation equipment, improve the metering and billing function, upload the data to the network, and analyze it on the network to make the work management of the power distribution system more convenient. Network reconfiguration, etc.

With the construction of smart grid, the role of distribution network automation is becoming more and more important. "Not only that, but in recent years, the concept of power distribution has a wider extension. In the future, the smart grid will provide power according to the user's needs for power quality, safety and reliability; the expansion, maintenance and operation of the distribution network need to be more flexible , optimization and planning; flexible demand side management and user-driven value-added service market; coordination of local energy management and distributed power generation; combination of renewable energy and large-scale centralized power generation. All put forward more requirements for distribution network automation Harsh requirements." Zhao Jianghe, deputy chief engineer of the power distribution station of China Electric Power Research Institute, said.

"Therefore, we have set up the construction goals of distribution network automation, including covering all power distribution equipment as the basic consideration, comprehensive utilization of information resources as an important means, power distribution scheduling and production command as the main application, and improving power distribution management level as the main purpose .” Zhao Jianghe introduced.

Around these goals, the development and planning of key equipment for power distribution should be accelerated. At present, the auxiliary decision-making system for distribution network planning and the master station system for distribution network automation have already been used in equipment, and the research and development of integrated support systems for power distribution regulation should be strengthened.

2. Bottlenecks such as data and communication still need to be resolved

Because distribution network automation involves many fields, including database services and network equipment, real-time data, and providing interfaces with power dispatching systems, etc. Therefore, in the process of development of the power distribution industry, there are still problems such as backward informationization and insufficient investment leading to poor basic data. It is this series of deficiencies that have reserved room for development for the market.

"Information sharing and intercommunication are poor; construction ideas and demand positioning are not clear; the division of labor in the operation and maintenance interface is not clear enough, and the operation and maintenance are not in place; the level of application and management is low, and the income is low; the interoperability of software and hardware is poor and the quality is uneven. etc. are still the bottleneck restricting the development of distribution network automation." Li Youcheng, director of the Substation Division of the Biotechnology Department of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, once said.

In addition, there is a lack of overall consideration and long-term consideration in equipment asset management, blindly pursuing the latest equipment, and not paying attention to the overall operation of the system, making it difficult to integrate new and old equipment together, thus failing to achieve the overall optimal effect.

Therefore, in the future, it is necessary to focus on solving problems such as information model, communication service, information security, architecture description, plug and play of terminal equipment, and information interaction and coordination with the control center.

3. Four-Faith Smart Power aims at the pain points of distribution network automation in four aspects

3.1 Technical aspects: Four-Faith Smart Power Distribution Network Automation Solution integrates low-power wide-area network wireless transmission technology, which has the advantages of ultra-low power consumption, wide coverage, and stronger signal penetration ability, and can achieve an ultra-long life cycle of equipment Standby, stable transmission and other functions, it is extremely suitable for decentralized, long-term, long-distance area application of power independent equipment, and truly realizes high-practicability distribution network automation.

3.2 Reliability: It is designed with industrial-grade standards and meets the design requirements of power distribution network automation equipment; it has high EMC electromagnetic compatibility to ensure the reliability of networking; it can adapt to various harsh environments.

3.3 In terms of security: distribution network automation wireless communication modules and terminals, with built-in security encryption chips, meet the security protection requirements of the national power distribution terminal, and realize the guidelines of "safe partition, network dedicated, horizontal isolation, and vertical authentication". Start with hardware encryption to form a physical security guarantee.

3.4 Operation and maintenance: In order to better meet the business needs of users in various aspects such as online monitoring of power distribution room images and videos, remote monitoring of distribution station areas, line fault location, and real-time reporting of fault information, the system is equipped with a unified operation and maintenance system. , Relying on the Four-Faith Smart Power Master Station platform to realize basic functions such as data collection and monitoring of the distribution network and extended functions such as analysis and application, and provide services for dispatching operation, production operation and maintenance, and emergency repair command, thereby improving the operation efficiency of the distribution network.

At present, the Four-Faith Smart Power distribution network automation system has been widely used in many distribution network projects at home and abroad. Through Four-Faith Smart Power wireless communication to realize distribution network automation, it helps customers understand the operation status of on-site power equipment in real time and maintain equipment failures in time. , received unanimous praise from customers.

Distribution automation is one of the important links in the construction of smart grid. With the development of society and economy, distribution automation technology with functions such as automatic fault location, self-healing control, and energy efficiency dispatching will be further applied and developed in the distribution network. universal. Four-Faith Smart Power will continue to innovate, and is committed to providing users with complete solutions for top-level design, equipment supply and project implementation of smart distribution networks, and to discuss and promote the construction and development of distribution network automation with peers in the distribution network.