Four-Faith Smart Power Communication Technology will Join the IoT Fair of Shenzhen


From Aug 18th to Aug 20th, 2016, the 8th Iot Fair of Shenzhen which hosted by Internatonal IoT Trade and Application Promotion will be opened in Shenzhen Exhibition center. Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. will present in the Fair, and welcome the industry sources to our exchange and cooperation.


In recently years, The application of IoT covered every corner and every field, It’s really "all-embracing, omnipresent". And the development of the IoT also promoted the development of the chain enterprises. The related data shows that there are more than 30,000 IoT and related enterprises in China today, in which SMEs accounted for more than 85%, and IoT will develop rapidly in next few years.


Four-Faith communication is the leader if M2M IoT wireless enterprises. Relying on the accumulation of wireless communication technology and the first-mover advantage in this market, Four-Faith industrial wireless communications products are successfully applied in power, transportation, home, finance, municipal and other fields, actively promote the rapid development of the Internet.


Four-Faith Communication Technology


In this exhibition, we will present for you:

LoRa Industrial Module
Industrial Router


ZigBee communication solution for intelligent street light control system


In addition, we will also introduce you to the latest communications solutions for smart home and intelligent buildings, welcome the new and old customers, integrators, contractors, industry professionals, the media friends to come visit our booth, and together to experience new things and new technologies of the IoT wireless communication field,in the field of wireless communications products, new technologies, the table of industry to develop new thinking, new future.