Reasons for State Grid to Build "Three Types and Two Networks"


"Three types" are hub type, platform type, and sharing type, which are the characteristics of enterprises; "two networks", namely strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of Things, are the material basis. Today we will take a look at the specific content of "Three Types and Two Networks" and why the State Grid builds "Three Types and Two Networks".

"Three Types and Two Networks" is an organic whole, "Two Networks" are means, "Three Types" are goals, and the two are the relationship between means and goals, that is, the State Grid Corporation intends to build and operate the "Two Networks" to achieve "Three-type" enterprise transformation.


three types and two networks

"Hub type" reflects the industrial attributes of power grid companies. The power grid company is the center connecting the power generation side and the demand side. It is the place where the energy flow and information flow are most concentrated in the energy and power industry. The construction and operation of the "two networks" can contribute to the long-distance transmission and large-scale new energy integration for the power generation side. It provides effective support for the safe use of electricity and the improvement of comprehensive energy efficiency for grid and demand-side users, thus highlighting the value role of grid companies in ensuring energy security, promoting energy production and consumption revolution, and leading the transformation and development of the energy industry.

"Platform type" reflects the network attributes of power grid companies. In the future, State Grid will be a world-class energy Internet enterprise with global competitiveness. It will be supported by "Strong Smart Grid" and "Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things", gather various resources, promote the connection between supply and demand, factor reorganization, integration and innovation, and create The energy allocation platform, comprehensive service platform, and new business, new format, and new model development platform make platform value development an important way to cultivate the core competitive advantages of power grid companies.

"Shared" reflects the social attributes of power grid companies. Through the construction and operation of a strong smart grid and the ubiquitous power Internet of Things, support the information interaction, technical exchange and business cooperation between power grid companies and users and other entities, and jointly create an energy Internet ecosystem of co-construction, co-governance and win-win, and realize power grid companies and Data sharing, achievement sharing and value sharing of users and other subjects.

The focus of building a "Strong Smart Grid" is on the supply side to support the reform of the energy supply side. Large-scale, long-distance stable transmission of electricity through the UHV backbone grid to solve the problem of wind, light, and water clean energy consumption in the three north and southwestern regions; through the intelligent distribution network to support the effective grid connection of intermittent distributed power, Solve the difficult problem of coordinated utilization of distributed power. The above two methods will be the means of optimal allocation of power resources that my country will focus on at present and even in the future.

The focus of building the "Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things" is to support data collection and specific business development at the end of each link of the system "source-network-load-storage". Through the extensive application of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, block chain, edge computing and other information and intelligent technologies, all resources are gathered to provide planning and construction, production operation, operation management, comprehensive services, new Provide sufficient and effective information and data support for the development of new business models and the construction of the corporate ecological environment.

Why does State Grid build "three types and two networks"

1. This is our strategic choice to actively comply with the development trend of the integration of the energy revolution and the digital revolution. Since the beginning of the new century, especially since entering the second decade, energy and power technologies such as advanced power transmission, smart grid, new energy, and electrification of end-use energy have developed rapidly. The continuous integration of communication and digital technologies has promoted profound changes in the functional form and operation mode of the power grid. The construction of "three types and two networks" is to better adapt to and lead this trend and achieve higher-quality development.

2. This is our strategic choice to actively adapt to the further advancement of power reform and state-owned enterprise reform. With the continuous deepening of power market reform, the traditional grid development path is getting narrower and narrower. In order for state-owned enterprises to form a complete modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, they must intensify efforts in the reform of mixed ownership. The construction of "three types and two networks" demonstrates our determination to self-revolution, deepen reform, and achieve rebirth through reform.

3. This is our strategic choice to promote the common development of the company itself and its partners. The central leadership requires that central enterprises, as the "national team" and "heavy weapon of a big country", not only develop well on their own, but also drive the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to develop together with their partners. Promoting the construction of "three types and two networks" is to uphold the concept of open cooperation and win-win, to better support power grid connection and new energy consumption; to drive and promote the transformation and upgrading of electrical equipment, and to seize the commanding heights of energy Internet technology; to cooperate with all parties in the project Projects, user-side resource development, data value mining and other aspects of cooperation, and strive to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

4. And most importantly, this is our strategic choice to implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and implement the "two safeguards" with practical actions. In the new era and the new situation, the State Grid Corporation of China cannot rest on the record book, but must have new responsibilities and new actions.

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