Make Up for the Short Board of Power! Fully Upgrade the Distribution Network


With the rapid development of power grid construction in various regions, problems such as weak foundation, difficult supervision, and overload of electric transformer capacity are the development shortcomings of Hunan Province, which seriously affect the demand of urban and rural residents for "good use of electricity". In order to narrow the difference in power supply capacity between urban and rural areas, it is imperative to solve the "historical debt" of the distribution network.


the distribution network

To this end, the province implemented a special action to "enhance the power supply capacity of the distribution network". The three indicators of duration will all drop by 30% year-on-year within this year, and the power supply capacity of 35 kV and 10 kV power grids will be significantly improved.

It is understood that at present, the province's power department has dispatched more than 9,600 person-times, completed 3,143 distribution line inspections and live inspections, found 2,173 defects, and implemented inspections for 84 lines with a large number of trips and a high proportion of power outages in the station area. Centralized maintenance.

Based on the diverse needs of the power grid, Four-Faith's painstakingly built distribution network automation terminal equipment can make up for the shortcomings of power in various places and build a stable and intelligent power line management system.

1. Evolution from manual inspection to intelligent inspection

As the basis of the distribution line status monitoring system, the Four-Faith fault indicator can collect field data (line fault information, line load changes, etc.) Accurately determine the type of fault and feed back the fault information to the system background to quickly locate the fault point.

2. High-speed networking, effectively improving equipment online rate

Four-Faith Power’s dedicated wireless communication module is embedded with high-speed communication and low-power CPU chips. As a supporting platform for “uploading and distributing”, it has the function of collecting terminal information and can accurately convey the dispatching commands issued by the main station platform to achieve dispatching capabilities. Terminals can be covered. The Four-Faith communication module ensures that the terminal is permanently online with a powerful and stable operating system, build a linkage network between the terminal and the platform to connect everything.

3. High-precision measurement of line loss to achieve fine management

As a new type of 10kv power distribution high-voltage metering device, Four-Faith Distribution Line Loss Acquisition Module integrates measurement, metering and communication functions. It is mainly installed at 10kv power distribution line segmentation points and branch points, and is used in conjunction with FTU, DTU and other equipment , to meet the needs of 10kv distribution energy metering and real-time monitoring, is an important part of the refined line loss management system of 10kv distribution lines, and meets the standard requirements of the State Grid.

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