State Grid Encryption Box Makes Smart Power Safer and More Convenient


State Grid Distribution Automation Terminal FTU-DTU Information Security Encryption Terminal Unit (State Grid Encryption Box) can be divided into network port type power distribution terminal communication encryption unit and network port type power distribution terminal communication encryption unit according to different application scenarios and communication requirements. Next, let's take a look at the functional characteristics and encryption methods of the State Grid Encryption Box.


state grid encryption box

Introduction to the functions and characteristics of the State Grid Encryption Box:

1. Embedded with State Grid Security Encryption Chip, the data transmission reaches the power level standard

The power encryption router uses a dedicated security chip to implement the SM2 and SM1 algorithm dedicated encryption modules, DES/3DES encryption modules and RSA public key algorithm engines required by national commercial encryption products. In addition, the chip provides a 32-bit hardware encryption processor, which can be used to implement public key algorithms, digest algorithms, and symmetric algorithms such as AES and DES.

Distribution automation terminal encryption unit

2. Industrial-grade high-speed 4G module (FDD-LTE module), super wireless communication capability, real-time transmission of massive data

It adopts an industrial-grade high-speed 4G wireless communication module (FDD-LTE module), configures a 32-bit high-performance processor, doubles the FLASH and RAM, and increases the wireless transmission speed of huge amounts of data. The transmission of high-definition video, animation, pictures, and front-end acquisition information (such as pressure, temperature, flow, displacement, speed, electromagnetic, etc.) is smoother and faster.

3. WIFI hotspot coverage, high data throughput rate, providing guarantee for various value-added services

It has a powerful WIFI hotspot function, making each terminal device a WIFI hotspot, which can provide WIFI networking services for a space within 100 meters around, and can connect more than 60 devices at the same time, providing high-speed network channels for various services.

4. Easy to deploy and implement

It is very convenient to realize safe, stable and reliable networking of collection terminals all over the place. The large-scale networking, unlimited deployment distance, short construction period and small initial budget investment provide technical support for data wireless communication transmission.

5. Adapt to various unattended industrial application environments, and work stably 7*24 hours

It has a powerful and intelligent anti-drop mechanism, and the wireless communication is always online. It is resistant to high and low temperature, moisture-proof and lightning-proof, and can work stably in various harsh natural climate environments. High-level EMC anti-interference design has obvious advantages in working in a strong electromagnetic interference environment.

6. Remote configuration, upgrade and maintenance of equipment can greatly improve management efficiency

With higher signal receiving sensitivity, even in the case of weak network signals in mountainous areas, it can still quickly obtain the strongest network signal to ensure stable data transmission.

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