Why Build a Smart Power Plant? Background of Smart Power Plant


The construction of a smart power plant is based on intelligent power generation, through the integration and extension of power generation and other industries, to form a circular economy, improve the utilization rate of energy and resources, and undertake more functions of protecting the environment and serving the society. Not only can it become a power plant to participate in the market economy The capital is also the requirement for power companies in the new era of ecological environment construction and economic and social development.


Smart Power Plant


1. Background of Smart Power Plant


At the "2018 Smart Power Plant Forum (Phase 2)" co-sponsored by the Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Center of the China Energy Research Society and the National University Science and Technology Park of North China Electric Power University, and undertaken by the China Power Cloud Platform, Lu Qizhou, vice chairman of the China Energy Research Society, proposed " Power plants should be future-oriented so that the various existing power generation methods can better adapt to the future smart society and energy revolution and innovation.


2. Conception of construction of smart power plant


The purpose of building a smart power plant is to establish a modern energy power system to achieve safe, efficient, green, and low-carbon power generation. Optimal configuration of devices and their parameters.


3. Construction of smart power plants


"Planning the construction of a smart power plant should first realize digitalization and consolidate the foundation of smart power plants. The second is intelligence. On the basis of digitalization, carry out intelligent upgrades for various business topics. The third is comprehensive intelligence, realizing self-learning, self-optimization, A self-diagnosing information-physical deep fusion system." Shu Chang, deputy manager of Datang Group's Smart Energy Division, said at the 2020 National Smart Power Generation Technology Forum.


According to Niu Yuguang, Secretary-General of the Intelligent Power Generation Committee of the China Energy Research Society, smart power generation and smart power plants are the latest direction in the field of power station technology, and they will inevitably go through a process from primary form to advanced form, from partial application to system application.


"The process of building a smart power plant is a process in which enterprise management develops toward standardization, depth, and leanness, and it is also a process for enterprises to develop from high-speed to high-quality development." Wang Wenbin, deputy general manager of Guohua Electric Power Research Institute of China Energy Group, said.


In the opinion of many industry experts, the overall vision of smart power plant construction is to determine the technical route and establish a power plant intelligent technology standard system. Focus on breakthroughs in key technologies in smart security, smart production and smart management. Promote the development and upgrading of different power supply industries through digital and intelligent technological innovation.

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