Introduction to the Function and Working Principle of the Power Internet of Things Terminal


Four-Faith Power Internet of Things terminal, which integrates telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, protection and communication functions, adopts plug-in or independent installation structure design, provides communication channels, expands the collection range, and increases collection elements. It is compatible with traditional configurations Power terminals, intelligent switchgear, etc. are used together or independently installed and used to conduct unified monitoring and management of power equipment. Today we will take a look at the function introduction of the power Internet of Things terminal.


power internet of things

1. Functions of communication terminals of electric power Internet of things

The main functions are data transfer and coding management and timing services of field equipment. Establish a communication connection with the main station system through the wireless network, and establish a communication connection with the lower computer (smart circuit breaker, smart meter and other field devices) through the 485 interface or power carrier.

Accept the command of the upper computer (master station system), and transmit the command to the lower computer (field device intelligent circuit breaker, smart meter) for execution, and complete the data exchange. Receive the running data and fault information uploaded by the lower computer, and send them to the main station system to complete the data exchange. Able to manage multiple lower computers at the same time. Coding and addressing management of the lower computers, and numbering, can accurately distinguish each lower computer, and the information and instructions are transmitted correctly. It can realize wireless remote opening and closing operation, leakage inspection and test trip, meter reading function and intelligent management of the field equipment under its jurisdiction.

2. Power Internet of Things Terminal Application

Power IoT terminals are widely used in M2M industries in the IoT industry chain, such as smart grid, smart transportation, smart home, finance, mobile POS terminals, supply chain automation, industrial automation, smart buildings, fire protection, public safety, environmental protection, Meteorology, digital medical care, remote sensing survey, military, space exploration, agriculture, forestry, water affairs, coal mining, petrochemical and other fields.

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