Suitable Installation Location for Power Failure Indicator


The installation of the power failure indicator depends on the line requirements and the site environment, and the type of indicator should also be considered. Let’s take the Four-Faith Smart Power failure Indicator as an example to see how to install it in general.


power failure indicator

1. Installation location of power failure indicator

1.1 Interruption installed on long lines, judging the failurey section of long lines

1.2 Installed at the entrance of the branch, to determine whether the line is on the main line or the branch when the line fails

1.3 Installed at the exit of the substation, judge whether the failure is inside or outside the station

1.4 Install it at the connection between the cable and the overhead line, and judge whether it is a cable segment failure or an overhead line failure

1.5 Installed in plains or open areas to reduce the work pressure of line inspection

1.6 Installed in buildings or densely wooded areas, greatly reducing the impact of the environment on work

2. What is the action principle of the flop of the ground short circuit failure indicator?

2.1 Ground short circuit failure indicator
This product is a group of three indicators, which are installed on the wires of the three-phase electricity respectively, and the current of the line is monitored in real time; when abnormal changes in the line are detected and the time condition is met, the failure indicator will judge The line fails, and an immediate flop instruction is given. (Four-in-one will turn cards and flash instructions)

2.2 Ground detection principle
Sampling the first half-wave of the capacitor current at the moment of grounding and the first half-wave of the voltage at the moment of grounding, and comparing their phases. If the voltage drops, the ground failure occurs in the line, otherwise the ground failure does not occur in the line;

2.3 Short circuit detection principle
According to the short-circuit phenomenon; at the moment of short-circuit, the current is changing suddenly, and the protection action is powered off as the action basis.