Operating Instructions and Precautions for Power Distribution Units


The power distribution unit is a power distribution socket for the cabinet. PDU is a product designed to provide power distribution for cabinet-mounted electrical equipment. It has a variety of series specifications with different functions, installation methods and different plug combinations. environment to provide a suitable rack-mounted power distribution solution. The application of PDU can make the power distribution in the cabinet more orderly, reliable, safe, professional and beautiful, and make the maintenance of the power supply in the cabinet more convenient and reliable.


Power Distribution Unit


1. Introduction to Intelligent Power Distribution Unit


Intelligent power distribution unit is: intelligent power distribution system (including equipment hardware and management platform), also known as network power control system, remote power management system or RPDU.


It can remotely and intelligently control the on/off/restart of the electrical equipment of the equipment, and monitor the power consumption of the equipment and its environmental parameters at the same time, which can help users manage their electrical equipment unattended.


Interface compatibility: The standard power socket hole modules of various countries in the world can meet the different needs of customers in many countries. Multi-purpose output jacks and IEC output sockets are suitable for plugs of different imported instruments and equipment in many countries. (The plug standards are different in different countries, please consult and check before purchasing)


1.1 It can realize dual input, IEC socket input, product front panel input, product rear input, product end input, etc.;


1.2 National standard, new national standard, British standard, German standard, American standard and Indian standard with various specifications;


1.3 Plugs of various specifications such as 10A, 16A and industrial coupler are optional.


Convenient and reliable installation performance: 19-inch standardized design, very easy to install. At least 2 screws are needed to fix the PDU firmly. According to user needs, the PDU product can be adjusted 180 degrees for installation; with a special L-shaped bending plate, the PDU product can also be adjusted for 90 degrees for installation;


Multiple circuit protection functions: lightning strike, surge protection: maximum impact current: 20KA or higher; limit voltage: ≤500V or lower; passed the professional test of Beijing Lightning Protection Test Center, and can be used as fine surge protection at the equipment end;


Alarm protection: LED digital current display and full current monitoring with alarm function;

Filter protection: with fine filter protection, output ultra-stable pure power;

Overload protection: Provide two-pole overload protection, which can effectively prevent problems caused by overload;

Anti-misoperation: PDU main control switch ON/OFF has a protective barrier to prevent accidental shutdown, and provides optional dual channels.


2. Development and progress of intelligent power distribution unit


The development of such products in foreign countries is relatively mature, but foreign products are generally only suitable for foreign usage habits. Among similar products, the network power controller is the main representative of the first batch of international-level industrial-grade intelligent power distribution units in China. Combined with a centralized management platform, it can realize clustered plan management and automatic periodic control of the equipment under its jurisdiction, which is convenient Remote cluster management of large and medium-sized equipment centers/data centers/equipment scattered outlets.


In the early days, foreign PDUs were the mainstream, and the price was relatively expensive. In the past few years, there have also been domestic companies specializing in R&D and production of this kind of cabinet-specific power socket (PDU). Due to the high level of professional manufacturing of domestic PDUs in these years, while ensuring excellent quality, the price has obvious advantages compared with foreign brands. It quickly became the mainstream of the domestic PDU market. In recent years, with the development of the market, a number of PDU manufacturers have emerged rapidly in China, with R&D and imitation coexisting, and the quality is uneven. (When choosing a PDU product, you should be cautious, and it is recommended to choose a product that has a long research and development time and has undergone market testing).


3. Working characteristics of intelligent power distribution unit


As an industrial-grade intelligent power distribution control unit specially designed for IDC, ISP, data centers or equipment control centers of enterprises and institutions and their remote base points, it integrates power distribution, overload protection, isolation, grounding, monitoring and management in one machine room, It can significantly improve the security of the power supply system in the computer room.


working principle:

Through the remote network control technology, the status query, switching, restarting and other operations of the remote server are performed in an out-of-band management mode, which is not limited by specific devices or special programs, and does not need to open the device shell. It provides a separate password protection mechanism for each port, which can be divided into clear management levels. Users can break through time and geographical restrictions, perform simple operations on the web page, and only need to pass the user name authentication to realize the control of the power supply of the electrical equipment and the query of the storage environment status. Network power controllers are divided into single-port and multi-port devices, which can control a single device or a large number of devices, which brings great convenience to single installation and cluster installation, and realizes on-demand distribution. Unified management of a large number of devices can be easily realized on a centralized management platform.


4. Application characteristics of intelligent power distribution unit


Take the IDC computer room as an example:

The computer room monitors the equipment environment and power consumption parameters in real time through the network power supply control system, and can query and connect the power supply of the downlink port of the server only by connecting to the Internet or a local area network without the need for professional and technical personnel to arrive at the equipment site. Disconnect or restart to realize remote operation and maintenance.


Through the centralized management platform, the operation and maintenance party and its customers can realize differentiated shared management, and monitor and control the devices within the authority online anytime and anywhere. The operation and maintenance party can also independently set tasks for automatic control, and comprehensively manage equipment management information and user usage, thereby realizing clustered large-scale real-time online management.


In this way, discovering and solving the downtime problems of servers and other electrical equipment of network operators and enterprise users in a timely manner will not only greatly improve the work efficiency and social reputation of IDC, ISP service providers and other operation and maintenance providers, but also can Create greater economic benefits for users.


5. The benefits of intelligent power distribution units are practical


Real-time monitoring of power supply information and ambient temperature and humidity is convenient for users to independently manage devices within their authority, and realizes linkage between air-conditioning temperature and humidity and space temperature and humidity.


Through the Internet, use a unified interface to manage all electrical equipment within the authority, and switch or restart the equipment remotely or locally.


Comprehensive management of device management information and user usage, log filing, and easy device deployment and network planning.


Time and task management can be set as needed to reduce unnecessary consumption of energy and resources. Reduce the labor intensity of network administrators, improve their job satisfaction and work efficiency. Based on an out-of-band management model and not tied to a specific device or program. It is an enhancement and support for the existing management platform in the computer room. Suitable for harsh environments and emergencies. Unattended management can be realized.


6. Technical service of intelligent power distribution unit


6.1 Out-of-band remote power management

6.2 Condition-triggered task monitoring

6.3 Time-triggered task monitoring

6.4 Setting automatic cycle control

6.5 Online monitoring of temperature and humidity

6.6 Double execution and automatic alarm

6.7 Realize remote custom control

6.8 Simultaneously develop device management and user management

6.9 OEM/ODM service, can be customized/trial


7. The development trend of power distribution unit


The power distribution unit is the terminal power distribution equipment that distributes the output current from the UPS to each IT equipment. It is the key equipment that connects the infrastructure such as power supply with the IT system and the normal operation of all equipment in the associated computer room. As an important guarantee for the safety of power consumption in the computer room, the stability and safety of PDU equipment is directly related to the power consumption safety of IT equipment and even the entire computer room. With the rapid development of cloud computing and Internet of Things technology, the construction of data center has also ushered in a new development stage, and there are newer and higher requirements for PDU products. These requirements promote the following three obvious changes in the evolution of PDU products. characteristics.


The first choice is the security feature. As an important part of the power distribution system of the computer room, the PDU product is the most important attribute for its safety. According to statistics from relevant research organizations, 80% of electrical equipment accidents are caused by electrical interface problems. Therefore, as the power interface of the equipment in the computer room, the safety and reliability of the PDU will be one of the characteristics that customers are most concerned about in the future development. This is also the most important reason why data center customers who originally used ordinary sockets turned to PDU products, because the safety and reliability of PDU products are much higher than ordinary power sockets.


Due to the special environment in the cabinet, in order to improve the safety of electrical equipment, the PDU must not only be able to withstand the total power of the IT room design load, but also have an excellent overload protection mechanism to prevent possible circuit overheating due to overload. fire accident.


8. Installation and debugging of power distribution unit


8.1 Precautions for installation and commissioning:

The power of the power distribution socket in front of the cabinet must match the circuit power of the distribution branch of the column head cabinet and the power of the PDU, otherwise the power index will be reduced;


When installing the PDU horizontally, the U position of the PDU should be reserved. When installing the PDU vertically, the position of the cross plate on the side of the cabinet should be aligned with the installation size of the PDU;


The double round European standard plug cannot be directly inserted into the universal hole, so the ground will be suspended, which is very dangerous. The correct way is to replace the plug or use the embedded European standard jack, and then use the special conversion line for converting the European standard to the national standard.


8.2 Precautions during operation:

Pay attention to the temperature rise index, that is, the temperature change between the equipment plug and the PDU jack;


If there is a PDU with remote monitoring, you can pay attention to the current change of the PDU to judge whether the equipment is working normally;


Make full use of the PDU's cable management device to break down the outward breakaway force of the equipment plug against the jack.


PDU generally does not have a main control switch ON/OFF, which can prevent accidental shutdown, and at the same time provide an optional dual power supply protection device Intelligent function Load current monitoring. Alarm protection: Network and visual alarm prompts, defined alarm thresholds to avoid overload. (Note: Only available in units with current monitoring capability. )


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