Four-Faith Substation Intelligent Fire Protection Comprehensive Management System


1. Background

As a key department of the country, the power grid is the center of the country's economic construction and a key unit of fire protection. Firefighting work is an important aspect of substation safety and security work. At present, the overall image of firefighting is relatively good, but there are still some outstanding problems.

The smart grid is composed of many parts such as smart power generation system, distribution network, electric energy meter, smart dispatching, substation, and interactive terminal, among which the substation is an important part of the smart grid. It is particularly important to realize the comprehensive intelligence of the substation. The substation plays the role of connecting the upper and lower in the entire current transmission and voltage transformation process of the power grid. There are various types of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems in the substation to suppress and extinguish early fires, so as to protect the safe operation of all aspects of the substation, especially important facilities such as transformers. Therefore, the intelligent construction of substation fire protection facilities is a comprehensive implementation of substation The most critical part of intelligence.


four faith substation

2. Program requirements

Situation Analysis:

The ideological understanding is not enough, and the leadership is not paying enough attention

The fire load is larger, and the fire loss is larger

The "software" and "hardware" of substation fire safety management do not match

3. Program introduction

Through the transformation of sensor measurement and control network technology, the traditional substation manual fire protection mode is improved, and new fire alarm equipment, advanced fire extinguishing equipment, video monitoring, infrared temperature sensing, lighting system, remote fire control and other technologies are adopted to build The intelligent system of fire-fighting facilities in substations realizes instant fire alarms, remote control of fire extinguishing, and full play of fire-fighting linkage functions between fire-fighting systems. Such intelligent fire-fighting has a complete model integrating monitoring, judgment, and control functions, which can meet unmanned substation needs.

Through the timely sensing of the fire by the sensor, the situation and specific location of the fire scene can be quickly fed back to the centralized control center personnel to help firefighters formulate effective fire-fighting plans in a timely manner, scientifically dispatch firefighters and firefighting resources, effectively prevent dangerous accidents, and improve Fire efficiency and safety quality.

Centralized control is carried out at the fire command centers at the provincial and municipal levels to realize effective remote fire control and real-time supervision of substations at all levels, to ensure that the fire protection equipment of substations is put into operation safely and effectively, to ensure safe production of substations, to rescue and prevent fire accidents in time The occurrence of fire provides a strong guarantee for the intelligentization of substations.

4. Program value

4.1 Unified platform, information sharing

Integrating monitoring, alarm, supervision, and information release, branches/sub-branches and outlets, fire control departments, industry authorities, governments at all levels, police stations, and the general public share information. On the one hand, personnel from all parties jointly monitor the fire safety situation; on the other hand, if an alarm situation occurs, the alarm information can be released to the threatened population in time to minimize the damage.

4.2 Big data analysis and intelligent prediction

Through the statistical analysis of the fire management data, the recent warning trend and the general trend of the number of fire occurrences can be predicted. At the same time, combined with the management experience of the fire management department, it will point out the direction for the next step and play an auxiliary decision-making role.

4.3 Monitoring method Internet of things

Using the most advanced Internet of Things methods such as 3G/4G/NB-IoT/LoRa, it monitors key areas of fire safety in an all-round way without dead ends.

4.4 Mobile Internet-based Information Publishing Methods

The B/S structure platform, mobile APP, WeChat official account and other Internet and mobile Internet methods are adopted to release information to meet the needs of all parties to the greatest extent.

5. Advantages of Four-Faith Combined Electrical Fire Monitoring Detector F-EFD100:

5.1 Remote control: Management personnel with authority can remotely set various parameter values of the detector through the platform or APP to facilitate management and improve efficiency.

5.2 Alarm reminder: When the platform receives alarm failure information, it will push it to the relevant on-duty and responsible personnel in various ways (APP/SMS/platform) to remind attention to the failure status and take corresponding measures in time to eliminate hidden dangers.

5.3 Authority management: The system can assign different authorities to different operators according to the user's actual business process and management requirements, thereby improving the overall security of the system.

5.4 Data analysis: Through the analysis of the relevant parameters of the electrical equipment circuit, the cause of the fault is judged, and the user is guided to carry out treatment, so as to eliminate the potential safety hazard of the electrical fire house and fully guarantee the safety of electricity use.

5.5 APP linkage: Through the mobile phone APP, relevant authorized personnel can understand the on-site electricity consumption situation anytime and anywhere, grasp the safety status of the electricity system, receive alarm information, and perform remote early warning and remote control operations.

5.6 Historical records: All alarm information and remote operation records are written into logs, which can be queried and read by users.

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