How Electrical Fire Detectors Work? Typical Application of Electrical Fire Monitoring System


Electrical fire monitoring detectors are detectors that detect changes in electrical fire hazard parameters such as residual current and temperature in the protected line. They are suitable for factories, large warehouses, offices, commercial buildings, hotels, residences and entertainment where the probability of electrical fires is the highest. In places with complex lines such as places.


electrical fire detector

Electrical fire monitoring detectors include residual current detection and temperature detection. Electrical fire monitoring detectors and electrical fire monitoring equipment can form different electrical fire monitoring systems to adapt to different occasions, different capacities and different customer needs.

1. Working principle of electrical fire detector

When the parameters such as leakage current and temperature in the detected equipment change abnormally, the residual current transformer and temperature sensor will use the principle of electromagnetic field induction and the change of temperature effect to collect the signal and send it to the electrical fire monitoring detector. The digital-to-analog conversion and the CPU analyze the changing amplitude and compare it with the alarm setting value. If the value exceeds the setting value, an alarm signal will be sent, and it will also be sent to the monitoring equipment, which will be further identified and judged by the monitoring equipment. When it is confirmed that a fire may break out, the monitoring host sends out a fire alarm signal, lights up the alarm indicator light, sends out an alarm sound, and displays fire alarm and other information on the LCD screen at the same time. The on-duty personnel will quickly go to the accident scene to check and deal with the accident according to the information displayed above, and send the alarm information to the centralized console.

2. Application of electrical fire detectors

The electrical fire monitoring detector is suitable for floor distribution boxes and distribution cabinets. The detection of leakage current and temperature can be installed in guide rail or embedded in the panel. It has the functions of real electrical fire signal monitoring, early warning and alarm. The electrical fire monitoring system adopts a layered network structure, which is composed of the field interval layer, the communication front layer, and the station control layer. Each electrical fire monitoring detector is connected to the communication server through the RS485 communication interface (using the Modbus RTU communication protocol). Then through the TCP protocol, the network communication controller is connected to the RS485 optical cable to enter the monitoring host. Use the monitoring host at the station control layer to display graphics, process alarm signals, print reports, etc., and realize synchronous forwarding of each data and the data of the upper-level system.

3. Features of electrical fire detectors

3.1 Protection function Electrical fire monitoring system, which can monitor on-line the faults of electrical equipment during operation and other abnormal conditions that may cause fires, send out sound and light alarms, and control the release of the circuit breaker to achieve power supply Protect and alarm for short circuit, phase loss, overcurrent, overvoltage and malicious power consumption in the line.

3.2 The setting value can be adjusted The electrical fire detector in the electrical fire monitoring system adopts a microprocessor, which has good flexibility, good consistency, wide adjustment range, and can set the setting value in a wide range to realize the cooperation between the upper and lower levels .

3.3 Operability The electrical fire monitoring equipment is easy to operate. The operator can set it through the buttons, and at the same time, he can observe the power supply parameters through the LCD/LED display of the controller to understand the operation situation. The main control computer of the electrical fire monitoring system has a very good human-machine interface. The operator can observe the operation of the power supply system displayed on the graphical interface through the CRT display of the computer, and use various colors to distinguish different working states. The machine dialogue function is strong, and it is easy for the staff to use.

3.4 Display and record function When the electrical fire monitoring equipment detects that the actual measured value exceeds or falls below the set setting value, the display page will automatically display the cause of the alarm or trip, and the alarm time and the actual detected value can be queried on the display page. value. It is convenient for the operator to understand the cause of the failure and solve the problem in time.

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