What is Computer Monitoring System? Application Introduction of Computer Monitoring System


A computer monitoring system is a computer monitoring and control system, which refers to a computer system with data, monitoring and control functions. It has real-time, reliability, maintainability, management functions, automatic control and other characteristics. It is widely used in major fields such as post and telecommunications, steel, aerospace and so on.


Computer Monitoring System


1. The meaning of computer monitoring system


Since the United States first studied the computer monitoring system used in military test projects in 1956, it has experienced the development of centralized monitoring system, microcomputer monitoring system, hierarchical decentralized monitoring system, and open SCADA system.


Computer monitoring system refers to a computer system with data, monitoring and control functions. Among these products, the typical and representative one is the monitoring and data acquisition system, also known as the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. The development process of SCADA system is closely related to the development process of data communication and network, which can be roughly summarized as follows:


Before the 1970s, it was the first generation of centralized monitoring system. From the perspective of network development, this period was called the first step of the network, that is, the stage of remote online system;


From the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, it was the second-generation microcomputer monitoring system, and its basic structure was still centralized;


From the middle of the 1980s to the present is the third generation of hierarchical decentralized monitoring systems (DCS and SCADA).


At this time, although most of the monitoring systems are systems with the concept of "monitoring island", different monitoring systems cannot directly communicate with each other, and do not meet or fully comply with open systems; with the rapid development of network technology applications, some systems use Ethernet, DECnet local area network, wide area network, and Internet conforming to TCP/IP, it can be said that the fourth generation of open SCADA system has come out. The computer inspection and control system (referred to as the computer monitoring system) is based on the inspection and control computer as the theme, plus the inspection device, the actuator, and the object (production process) to be inspected and controlled. In this system, the computer directly participates in the detection, supervision and control of the monitored object, and should have: collection and processing functions, supervision functions, and control functions.


2. Development of computer monitoring system


The computer monitoring system has developed from the direct monitoring and control of a single computer to the multi-stage computer detection and control system, as well as the distributed, networked, intelligent, and five-stage hidden flower system; however, the development of computer monitoring technology is accompanied by the development of sensors, computers, With the development of communication and network technologies, etc., any new breakthrough in any of these technologies will inevitably bring about the progress and reform of the monitoring system.


2.1 Sensor technology

The monitoring system relies on sensors, professional cameras and other equipment to detect information. The more information detected, the greater the monitoring scope and effect; the processing of information adopts conventional filtering and denoising, and the control is based on PID algorithm. In the future, sensors will continue to develop toward integrated, multi-functional intelligent sensors. Intelligent instrumentation and intelligent controllers can be easily connected to the Internet, which is conducive to the formation of an open SCADA system.


2.2 Network Transmission Media Technology

The monitoring system transmits information through the transmission medium. The faster the transmission medium transmits information, the more sensitive the response of the monitoring system is, and the more information is transmitted. The transmission medium is from twisted pair, coaxial cable, optical cable to the signal in the field of view (microwave, infrared) and satellite communication, etc., realizing the development from wired to wireless, and also promoting the development of monitoring system.


2.3 Open integrated network monitoring and management system

After the 1990s, the network technology developed to the fourth stage, that is, the network computer and information highway network stage. The computer network system itself is an extremely large and complex integrated network system, which itself requires an integrated network monitoring and management system. The fourth-generation integrated network monitoring system includes a wide range of environmental image monitoring systems, equipment monitoring systems, and commercial and financial service monitoring systems. This new generation of integrated network monitoring system can be composed of several monitoring systems, they can be connected to a bus network, ring network or star network, and the nodes on the network can be increased or decreased, or it can be a single huge monitoring system .


2.4 Computer monitoring system integration

With the continuous improvement of computer system application level and the development of computer hardware, software, network, database and other technologies, a new concept is gradually being accepted and recognized by people, which is computer system integration. Computer system integration is to combine hardware, network, database and related application software into an effective, usable and cost-effective computer application system according to application requirements.


2.5 Wireless Integrated Monitoring System

CDPD-based wireless Internet access, mobile office, mobile stock trading, wireless credit card payment, wireless reporter station, remote environmental monitoring and other transportation and road engineering applications. The wireless integrated monitoring system and temperature control device are being formed. The system adopts wireless transmission, sound and light alarm, central control and automatic management.


3. Application of computer monitoring system


Computer monitoring systems are widely used in major fields such as post and telecommunications, steel, chemical industry, environmental protection, national defense, aerospace, industrial water treatment, industrial and mining industries, commerce, financial institutions, flood control and disaster relief, government agencies, education and health, housing, and residential areas. The industry has varying degrees of the use of various measurement and control, monitoring equipment,. Some monitoring systems are quite advanced in technology and well-equipped. Computer systems have penetrated into all fields of political and economic activities in each country, and even manage state affairs, detecting certain parameters and phenomena across the country. Such as: the application of computer monitoring system in power system, transportation industry, etc.

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