Four-Faith Communication Manager - Improving Ubiquitous Connectivity


Four-Faith communication management machine F-DPU100 supports multiple protocol conversions, adopts high-performance industrial-grade wireless modules and 32-bit communication processors, and is equipped with WTD watchdog design to ensure system stability and ensure that devices are permanently online. This product has been widely used in the ubiquitous power Internet of Things industry, such as power monitoring, energy efficiency management, smart power distribution room, smart box-type transformation, substation automation, photovoltaic wind power generation, building automation, remote meter reading, etc.


communication manager

F-DPU100 has multi-channel Ethernet, RS232/RS485, DI/DO interfaces, and can be connected to various sensors, power meters, integrated relay protection, transformer temperature controllers, DC screens, diesel generators, etc., compatible with MODBUS, 101, 104 and other common uplink and downlink protocols, support 3G/4G or Ethernet data upload, and realize the interconnection and intercommunication of power equipment and master station data.

Product Features:

1. Complete data collection and multi-protocol forwarding functions
It can flexibly read a variety of power equipment data, with a high degree of integration and effective multi-channel data aggregation; it can be configured to connect to a variety of power energy management application platforms to facilitate other system integration.

2. Provide dual transmission channels to ensure that the terminal is always online
Support 2.5G/3G/4G/NB-IoT cellular network and wired WAN, dual-link intelligent switching backup; support 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, providing strong support for WIFI coverage and operation.

3. A variety of communication interfaces, flexible data forwarding
Provide Gigabit Ethernet, I/O port, RS232/RS485 and other high-speed and reliable communication interfaces to meet various data collection methods.

4. Support advanced routing function
Support APN/VPN private network, and the device has IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP, GRE, OPENVPN multiple VPN connections, and has functions such as VPN client and server. On the basis of the private network, an additional layer of encrypted transmission is added to fully guarantee the security and accuracy of transaction data and management data.

5. Device remote configuration, upgrade and maintenance
The supporting remote management and control platform centrally monitors, configures, upgrades, diagnoses, maintains, and manages a large number of devices scattered in various regions. Greatly reduce maintenance costs for operators, integrators, equipment providers, etc., and improve management efficiency.

6. Guide rail or horizontal installation is more flexible
All-metal chassis, high-efficiency industrial design; guide rail type, horizontal type compatible design, easy installation and maintenance.

7. High-reliability hardware ensures stable operation of the equipment
It adopts high-performance industrial-grade wireless modules, supports extremely wide temperature design from -35°C to +75°C, easily adapts to high temperature and severe cold working environments, and provides reliable networking and stable communication for unattended systems.

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